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Wealth Bitsgap Crypto Trading Bot Reviews


Staff member
For those interested in trading and investing in crypto I recommend using the Bitsgap Trading Bot

As the price of the coin goes up and down the bot buys low and sells high in a grid. So as the price fluctuates and 'wiggles' the Bot is making small gains for you. There is a 7 Day Free Trial and then only $19 a month if you decide to continue. So far my 2 Bots have made over $150 profit in less than a month although the coin value itself is down due to market conditions.

Your crypto stays on the exchange (Recommended exchange: Binance) and the Bot and the exchange are easily connected by API with simple instructions.

I have researched a few other bots and Bitsgap seems to be the best. I will post up some of the YouTube videos that have helped me understand and profit from Bitsgap in this thread.

They also have a good affiliate programme which you can access and profit from as a member. If you sign up through the links on my page Bitsgap reward me through their affiliate/referral programme :)

Please reply with your honest reviews and questions about Bitsgap,

Best Wishes,



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