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Emotional Well-Being


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When it comes to Emotional Health, Many people feel isolated in their own personal world, often feeling alone and unsupported. One of the most wonderful ways to help in this battle is creativity such as writing, reading, poetry, and music. Thousands of people have been helped worldwide by the reading of a book that changed their life, or writing and self publishing a story. The list is endless in ways to express and contact others to help overcome the feelings this causes.


Ways to help yourself​

Whether you are suffering with #anxiety, #depression, #agoraphobia or any other health problem, there is something for everyone in the creative world. Open your mind to the beauty of the written and spoken word and the joy it can bring yourself and others. Someone can learn from you, as you can them.

Read a short story
Read a short story, article or self help book to do with your condition. There will be thousands of people suffering out in the world.

The book/article you choose will most likely have a link to a support group where you can possibly make contact with others online (if this is within your comfort zone to do) The following book to the right (clickable) is one of many books out there with helpful advice.

Write your thoughts
#Poetry or song lyric. If you play a musical instrument, sing how you feel. If you are feeling low this will undoubtedly come out in the words but then follow the sad lyric with a verse of how you are a fighter and a survivor! Give yourself praise in your poems, No one needs to read them if you do not feel the need, it is about using creativity to help yourself.

Can you help others
Do you consider you have found a way to cope with the effects of your illness? Share it with others. What works for you. Join an online group, write an article. There will always be someone out there who would like to hear what works for you and how you do it.

Allow yourself to believe in your creative side. You can be a reader, poet, author, song writer...you may not have been before but this is within you to grow if you feel the need.