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I think that Jainism is one of the greatest religions. This is for a number of reason. One is it's emphasis on non-harming. As it should this includes animals. So Jainism is one of the biggest positive forces in the world for animal rights and vegetarianism. Jainism also teaches reincarnation which in my view is accurate.

Jainism also has a concept called Anekantavada many-sidedness. It states that the ultimate truth and reality is complex and has multiple aspects. This helps us to see things from the viewpoint of others and is a natural aid to peaceful truth seeking and understanding.

I also agree with Jainism regarding the duality between Jiva and Ajiva ie the duality between soul/consciousness and matter.

Overall, in my view Jainism, is one of the most accurate philosophies in the world.



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Thanks, I agree with that also. There are relative truths and absolute truths. I also say that there are transient changing truths and transcendental unchanging truths. Just a different way of saying the same thing I suppose. Please feel free to share more Jain wisdom in new topics if you wish. In any case I will be inviting some more Jains along with other wise people over the coming weeks.


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Relative Truth - A man Is a father a son a brother etc.
Absolute Truth - A soul is just a soul
truth is defined deeply in Jainism maybe someday I will post about it

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