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Haiku: The Art Of Japanese Poetry


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Haiku: The Art Of Japanese Poetry

Haiku poetry arrived in Japanese text in the 17th century, it was not however known as Haiku until the 19th century. The traditional Haiku poems consists of 3 lines. The lines would have 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second and 5 in the third. This totals 17 in all. Opinions do differ on this rule although this is considered the staple for a Haiku poem.


What is a Haiku subject?
Haiku as a tradition is often wrote about nature and the elements. The poem often does not rhyme and typically follows the 5,7,5 rule although this is based on syllables and the Japanese pronunciation is different to other languages and so the easiest thing to remember is the 17 syllable rule.

Haiku Tip:
Most Haiku will have words in it associated with the weather.

A Haiku will not be one long sentence, rather it will be wrote and read in two parts. The scene is usually the first line of the Haiku followed by the subject and feeling or outcome in line 2 and 3. However this is open to your own view and style.

Haiku is not meant to just show an element scene or describe the sun or snow, it is wrote with feeling and the moment/ the present. It is not usually the norm to use similes or any other literacy comparisons in Haiku, the verse is meant to be of simplistic flow in observation, subject feeling/outcome. in a nutshell to evoke an emotion. A description of the sun with a brief word to feeling summery will give the reader a feeling of warmth and light, possible fragrance of flowers and meadows will be imagined...this is similar with Haiku.

If you are interested in writing Haiku I would recommend researching some of the masters of the art. Haiku is often linked with art in books, maybe because of its subject and content some of the most popular Haiku poems have beautiful illustrations.

In my opinion, if you are partial to poetry and season illustration then Haiku is a perfect blend of the arts in such a beautiful way that inspires the mind and illuminates the senses.

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