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Life Changing Books


Staff member
A book which changed my life was The Inner Guide Meditation by Edwin C. Steinbrecher

I remember when fairly young I was in a book shop and felt drawn to this book as if some inner knowing or guidance wanted me to read it.

It really opened my eyes to the power of healing, the structure of the human microcosm (ie the subtle bodies) and the nature of the archetypal energies which we project from within onto the outer screens of our reality. By loving and accepting our inner archetypal energies we could heal our outer life also.

The knowledge in this book was a helpful influence in my study of character and the virtues:
Inner Medicine (free ebook)

Has anyone read Edwin's book and compared it with mine? On the surface the approach is quite different but there is an underlying unity between the 2 books in my view. What is yours?

What books have changed your life and how?📖📚📓📘📗📕📙📑📔📒


New member
Thanks for the pointer, I have ordered a copy.

I recommend Return to the Source by Osho. Some say he has a bad reputation but there is definitely wisdom in that book where he discusses Zen stories deeply