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On Entity Attachments and the Power of Your Consent


New member
Over the centuries, due to religious beliefs and a lot of deliberately spread misinformation, people have started to believe that demons and all kinds of dark entities have the power to attach to them and do all sorts of horrible things just out of nowhere.

But is this true? Is it really true that we, as human beings, are at the mercy of these “monsters” that can do whatever they please with us?

The short answer to this is: No, absolutely not.

To understand why is that this belief is completely false we first need to understand that nothing in this world happens without a reason and that coincidences simply do not exist.

We live in a universe that works according to vibrations and frequency, so your frequency (as the energy being you are) will usually be the first parameter for a dark being to pick You instead of anyone else. Dark entities do not operate from our illusory physical world, they operate from the ether, which means that when they look at you they don’t look at you as a person, they look at you as potential energy they can take and use as they please. This means that the lower you generally vibrate the easier will be for them to have access to you.

What gives them full and complete access to you though is one simple thing: You opening the door to them, which basically means you giving them Consent to enter your energy field.

We live in a universe that works according to the sacred law of Free Will, which means that if any being (and I’m talking about

very normal people here as well) is able to hurt you in any way is because You have given consent.

And it doesn’t matter if you have no memory of having done such a thing, I can assure you you have, even if in a very unconscious way.

This is because consent can be given in many many ways and the reason why you give your consent is always because you’re exchanging your energy for something else. This something else could literally be anything you can think of, for as complex as human beings can be.

Now to make this easier to understand, let’s use an example that we all know of, which is the famous selling your soul to the devil in exchange for money, fame and success.

Is this real? Yes, very much real and closer to your reality than you could ever imagine.

Most people think that to sell your soul to the devil you need to execute super complex satanic rituals, but in reality this is way easier than what you think and you could make a deal with “the devil” even tonight, while you’re sleeping.

This is because dreams are one of the primary portals used by entities to access human beings and then manipulate us into giving them consent.

Dreams are nothing but a different layer of reality, which when we astral travel at night (we all do it) can completely merge with the Ether, which is the dimension from which astral entities operate. This means that they can show up in your dreams as

anything you can think of, usually presenting themselves as your helpers or protectors, like for example as your angels, archangels, spirit guides, close friends, parents, people you love or admire and so on, so that once they make you a offer (let’s say you’re going through a tough time and they offer you their support) you’ll be way more open to give them permission to attach to you by opening the door for them, so that they can easily enter your energy field.

Dreams are just One of the infinite ways through which astral entities can manipulate you into giving them the authorisation they need and I could go on and on talking about all of the ways through which you can give them permission to steal your energy, but what really matters here is that if you’re the one who’s given them permission to do with you as they please then You are Not a victim and you have never been, because in reality You are the one in control.

This means that as you’ve given consent then you can Revoke that consent. That’s right.

Now, you can revoke your consent in many ways, but what’s important is you telling them you are breaking all agreements you have made with them and that they don’t have authorisation to be in your energy field anymore.

You can do this by directly talking to the entities attached to you (possibly out loud), or through the use of regressive hypnosis (the most effective and powerful way) or even during your dreams.

There are no limits to what you can do, but what matters the most is that you directly revoke your consent and break all agreements you’ve unconsciously made in this current life or during one of your many past lives. Very important to all of this process is to not have fear, as fear is a very subtle form of consent, which most entities love to use to their own advantage.

There are cases when this process could not be enough to stop the energy interference and this is usually because people lack awareness regarding their divine nature and powers, or have fear towards the entities or simply because most entities make use of etheric implants (which are pieces of etheric and non-terrestrial technology) to easily absorb energy. What I’ve noticed to be quite common is that some entities, even though they no longer have consent, will take advantage of people ignorance and not remove the implants they have previously installed, which will then keep causing all kinds of issues and disturbances even though the entities will mostly be gone.

In such cases I recommend to remove the implants through the use of Regressive Hypnosis or a QHHT session, through which is possible understand what’s exactly going on in the energy field and remove residual low vibrational energy and all that doesn’t belong to it, like etheric implants.

I’m personally specialized in what I like to call Regressive Clearing Hypnosis, which is a specific type of hypnosis that works through a very focalized action on identifying and removing all etheric implants and all kinds of entity attachments

and residual low vibrational energies that do not belong to the person energy field. Through this process we are able to finally restore the client natural energetic balance and make sure there are no longer energetic interferences.

I want to stress that it’s not me doing the clearing, the client does it, because even during our sessions the entity will only and exclusively accept to leave if it’s the person affected by the energy interference giving the command. This is because we work on the client energy field (not mine), which means that the client is the only boss and owner of that field, so the entities will only and exclusively listen to his/her commands because of this. I’m only there to guide the clearing process and make sure the client feels safe. This is a very crucial point to understand, because it shows how the removal process can only begin because of the person will and not because of someone else will or expectations. I can only give instructions and guide: the person does the actual clearing.

As human beings we’ve always been told that we are powerless and that we’re victims of external circumstances in our life, but the reality is that nothing could be further from the truth. If entities come to you is because you have something that they don’t, which is your Energy.

Dark Entities or parasitic entities are beings who have lost their connection with Source Energy (or God, Spirit, whatever you wanna call it) and so they need to steal this energy from beings that still have that connection and are able to produce that

energy on their own. This means that You are the one in control, You are the one in a power position, not them.

As Human Beings we have been oppressed and crushed for thousands and thousands of years not because we are weak, but because we are so incredibly powerful that everything must be done to stop us from becoming aware of this power and of what we’re really capable of. Once you really understand how incredibly powerful you are you become an unstoppable force and that’s what dark forces fear the most.

And here’s why saying “No, I do not give my consent” is and will always be the most powerful statement you could ever make, because that’s how you literally take your Free Will and Sovereignty back.

We are infinitely more potent than what we could ever possibly imagine and the only reason why dark forces are able to do all they do is because we let them and we let them do it because of ignorance, because of a lack of awareness in respect to our infinite and tremendous power.

Start acting as the sovereign and free being you are, recognize your divine and immortal nature and you’ll finally become the unstoppable and untouchable force you’ve always meant to be in this world.


This is a very informative article. We should protect our sovereignty by guarding against giving away permissions/consent. This includes to individuals, institutions, entities and even ideas. Cancel any false and unhelpful permissions given to deceptive entities. Have the positive intention to guard your consent even in your dreams🙏
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