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Environment Plastic Pollution and Sea Turtles


New member
Our oceans are at the moment becoming areas of great danger for the species that live there. Not by natural predators but from man made thoughtless acts such as plastic pollution. It is estimated that over 8 million tons of plastic finds its way into our waters every year.

For over 150 million years sea turtles have lived in the ocean thriving and living naturally, Now however their very existence is in danger because of the acts of mankind.


Turtles and indeed other ocean dwellers risk injury and death from the moment they are born. Over half of sea turtles have mistakenly eaten plastic, others live miserable lives having plastic entangled on body parts that they can not remove. Others simply die from ingesting the plastic.

The sea turtles are essential to the sea and its ecosystems. They help wioth a variety of natural balances. Not only do they help the sea as a home for others they also have impact on other species being able to grow and thrive.

Turtles eat jelly fish as one of their main food choices. This helps keep the jellyfish population in check who left to grow out of control would eat larval fish and endanger the fish population.

They also protect the coral reefs by eating the sponges that grow on them. if this didnt happen then the sponges would overgrow and kill the reef.

Turtles also play a part in keeping the sea bed balanced, many fish spawn here and the turtles create an area thats been kept in check and has produced a healthy ground.

Every day the humble turtle faces danger from plastic. Turtles lay eggs in the sand and sometimes the sand is so polluted that they can not lay or make a safe area. Only a few turtles survive to adulthood from a batch of eggs laid.

Plastic bags floating in the sea are often eaten by turtles mistaking them for their food 'jellyfish'. This plastic can kill a turtle by becoming entwined around internal organs.


As a responsible person you can help these creatures by all sorts of simple actions.
  • Reduce your plastic and actively avoid excess packaging.
  • Write to companies you feel use excess packaging. If enough people complain they may sit up and take notice
  • Reuse your carrier bags or better still get a life long one.
  • Be mindful of microplastics. Found in products you probably dont realise, such as some tea bags
  • Dispose of your waste responsibly. Recycle and be respectful.
  • If you see plastic on the beach pick it up. This way it will not be sucked back into the sea by the tide.
  • Organise an event such as a beach clean. You will be amazed how many people care about this subject
Does anyone else feel this passionately about this subject out there? Please let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear from you

Thanks for reading


New member
Bless you my friend, you have a kind heart. I always pick up plastic when I see it on the beach. It is a great message to share and spread.

Humanity needs to develop some better decomposable safer materials and leave plastics behind altogether.


New member
Thank you 🙂 This is something I do feel very strongly about. Turtles are a favourite of mine but this problem is affecting other sea life too.
We all need to be more aware.
There are many people out there talking the talk on these subjects but then failing to be plastic aware. Small things like reusable items instead of disposable can make a huge difference if everyone made the effort. It starts with awareness.
We should be the voice for the animals...they need us.
Thanks for your kind comments.
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