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Mysteries The Black Goo


New member
What exactly is 'The Black Goo' and where did it come from. There are countless reports from all across the world of this mysterious blob and it is thought to be an alien life form by some people, certainly shape shifting and undeniably menacing. The substance has been blamed for things ranging from car accidents to war in real life and been the subject of doom in many films. Various different goo has been spotted in Paraguay, Gulf of Mexico,Venezuela, and many other places including ancient Egypt, but are they all connected as they are often not linked.


It is said to seep from cracks in the earth and even fall from the sky. Some even claim it has just appeared from nowhere. One thing seems to be generic and that is sickness. People feel ill or there is accidents or trouble.

To pinpoint the exact date of the Black Goo proves hard to do as there are so many types reported and it depends on which one you are studying as they are all different. Lets take a look into some interesting facts

There are reports of a Black Goo substance as early as ancient Egypt all be it this does not resemble the shape shifting, mind controlling goo we see in the movies and some may say not related to the goo of today's phenomenon. However, as a TSQ student I am looking into all types to see if there is any connection in astrological facts etc.

Black Goo Of Ancient Egypt. Magic?
The Black Goo seen and used in ancient Egypt seemed to have a use in solemnities. Several coffins have been discovered covered in Black Goo. Over 100 samples from 12 ancient coffins all dating to the 22nd Dynasty in the Third Intermediate Period (c. 900–750 BC) have been looked at to establish what this substance is.

It was discovered that the goo is made of a mixture of animal fat, plant oils, beeswax, tree resin and bitumen (crude oil). Other ingredients could have possibly been in it that can no longer be detected after 3000 years.

What is strange is this only seemed to be used by the elite during preparing the body and then later the coffin too. The ingredients were imported to use. Why was this only associated to a certain time period when mummification was the Egyptian way? Why did artefacts in Tutankhamen's tomb have the substance on too...

So why did they use it? It was thought by Egyptians to regenerate and be magical. The god Osiris that people were said to become a form of upon death had a part to play. Osiris is associated with being reborn again. One of the mummies given this 'Black Goo' treatment was Djedkhonsiu-ef-ankh, who was a priest to the sun-god Amun, he was known as ‘Opener of the Doors of Heaven’

So we see that the ancient Egyptian version of the goo had possible magical references worthy of further study.


The Mysterious Black Goo of Venezuela: LA MANCHA NEGRA
In 1986 this mysterious substance appeared on a road in Caracas Venezuela. It began as approx 46 meters long but grew to approximately 8 miles.

So why has this goo been labelled as mysterious and 'some' people say alien. Well, the goo has been blamed for over 1800 deaths and many injuries on the highway and people are genuinely scared of it. It seems to prefer tunnels and uphill slopes. It has not been identified after 14 years of study and attempts to get rid of the stuff has failed repeatedly with it reappearing...only limestone seemed somewhat effective but caused breathing problems for motorists. Subsequently, special cleaning equipment was brought in from Germany.

The goo however eventually reappeared with locals describing it as slick as ice, slippy and the consistency of chewed chewing gum. Some people believe it extraterrestrial, with it having killed 1800 people on an 8 mile stretch of road and the failure to identify or clear it up makes it seem more paranormal.

The Black Goo & The Falklands War
Conspiracy theory suggests that the goo played a part in the war. Certain people believe that the British Military were sent to the Falklands to obtain the mystery Black Goo and bring it to Britain.

Extraterrestrial UFO sightings were reported by more than one soldier. Former soldier, Jeff Pearson, told of light hovering over the water at a far point of East Falkland.
Another military man spoke of an oval space craft with lights that moved at great speed.

It is thought the goo arrived on British soil by the Navy. It is believed that the substance was hidden away and secretly tested and experimented on. Theory suggests something went wrong and the goo made its way into the water supply subsequently affecting our every day lives.

This theory became knowledge to the public during a channel 4 documentary by Dan Dchreiber. One person Schreiber met during the documentary was a man called Max Spiers.
Spiers said he was a secret “super soldier” who had begun to recover his memory and had turned whistle-blower. He was believed to be programmed and claimed he saw people shadowing him.
Before his death he told of astral attacks.

Approximately 2 years later Spiers would be dead. A mysterious death while in Poland. The mystery and media interest no doubt was due to the text sent to his mother before his death telling her to investigate if anything happened to him and also that he was supposedly to have vomited 2 litres of black liquid in the hours before his death.

The Black Goo of Paraguay & Gulf of Mexico
This is believed by most as sinister and to used to communicate with demons. It is a liquid crystal of believed intelligence often found in remote Paraguay and under the Gulf of Mexico.
It contains high amounts of Iridium and has a magnetism as yet unidentified. Its highly magnetic quality allows it to move around and organise itself.

All that is known is that it is an intelligence that resembles jelly. It is believed to jump out if stared at for too long. It is also said that if placed in two separate containers the goo would work hard to reunite and manifest a display of shaking the containers as it tries.

It has been found in meteorites, Rainwater in Germany and has also been extracted from the World War 2 SS Black stones. It is also believed to be in black stones used in some Pagan rituals to communicate with demons. Legend also says that it was used by wizards and witches for human sacrifice.

Black Goo Conspiracy Theory and beliefs
For all of the factual black Goo reports of Egypt and Venezuela etc there are beliefs and scare mongering and conspiracy theories. I would say all need to be investigated for truth.
It is without a doubt that the movie industry has played a huge part in the demonising of the Black Goo. Often portraying it as a destroying, mind controlling substance it is believed to be of evil intent.
People believe it to cause sickness and corruption of minds to perform criminal activity. It is said to be mobile and smell of sulphur. The reason of the Black Goo seems to be world dominion and mind control by alien forces or some say a rogue AI or secret weapon used by the Illuminati. Anyone familiar with the X Files series will know that this is a huge influence.
There is also conspiricy theory out there who say certain celebrities are often seen doing things involving the black goo or its meanings in advertisements, this relates to the idea of also possible subliminals out there if the advertising world is in question.

I would conclude that of all the 'goo's' out there (of which the list is much more)one thing is for certain, they all seem to be coated in mystery with no straight answers from authorities often after years of study. Is there a mass cover up or is this merely hype? As a person seeking to further my TSQ I would be interested to see if there are any links...are there chemical signs, number signs, astrological signs, ritual signs that link all the different types? Why black goo? Does the seemingly Ancient Egyptian goo of burials (as yet seemingly an outsider to the rest) got some connection?
Please let me know your thoughts on this fellow Truth Seekers


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