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Mysteries The Mysterious Island of Ballycotton


New member
There is a small coastal fishing village in Cork Ireland called Ballycotton. This place is picturesque and stands above a lovely beach and bay. The village of today is in place of the village of years gone by due to disappearing coastline as is so often the case.


Legend has it that on the 7/7/78 the people of Ballycotton witnessed a mysterious island appearing across from the coast. People could not believe this as they gathered to look as this was something that had obviously not been there before.

People discarded some of the things some people may have thought such as is this something that floated up from sea or even a sea animal of some kind. The reason they discarded it was the fact that they reported being able to see detail on the island, trees, valleys etc...

At the time the people sent out boats to investigate the island but it mysteriously disappeared as they approached.

Over the years people have speculated as to what this island was. Seen by many people this was not the process of an over active imagination of an individual. Theory's started that included everything from ghosts to mirages...

The fact that other areas have witnessed similar sightings over the years lends credit to the fact that this could be a phenomenon that should be studied.

Does anyone have any information on this legend?


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