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The World Needs Your Unique Voice

If I look at my clients and the people I connect with, most of us recognize -or have in the past experienced- to a lesser or greater extent the feeling of not being good enough. Because of our social programming, we keep ourselves back from greatness.

The programming that tells us we need to be better, more successful, richer, smarter, prettier, skinnier, wittier…. The fact is: there are always people out there that are better, smarter, more experienced, more successful, younger, older, richer, and/or… (fill in the blanks).

You wouldn’t believe the many times I thought I had something going for me, but then looked up at others on Instagram and knew they were ahead of my game…..

But that is not the point at all.

The world needs your unique voice. Your light, your unique perspective.

There are always people that want to hear things the way only YOU can explain. Want to grasp YOUR unique way of seeing things. Connect with YOUR energy, YOUR intention.

And there are always more people in need of support and guidance than there are people offering it.

So, even if you think you are not ready, not qualified, not ‘worthy’...

Just know that you are.
The world needs you.
And the world needs you now.

I can’t I’m not I’m too I should I could never I’m always I’m never (1).png


New member
Hi there,

I have just read with interest what you have written. I totally agree with you regarding social programming. I would say the media (by whatever means) has all of us in a grip to a certain extent (some more than others) making us think that things should be a certain way.

Your voice is important as you say. It matters not that someone else on a blog post or social media has said or thought what you may have to say....there's room for your words too.

Whether I say things better or worse than the next person it is from my heart...people have the choice to read or not. As long as we are all treating each other with respect and kindness there is room in this world for everyone's views.

I want to thank you for your words as they meant a lot to me....as someone who writes poetry and writes articles I sometimes find myself questioning my own ability and if things are good enough (often after I have seen better poetry or articles elsewhere)....your words have given me a boost.
I will check out your site. Thank you 🌺
Thank you, Bluebell, for your kind words. You know, many people have access to the divine source, so if more people write or speak about the same things from the heart, it only means that it is divinely guided and that it is a message that is important to fly out into the world in many different ways. 🌈🦋