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We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

For years we expected others to fix us. To make us happy, heal our health, change the world. If only they would, then we would be saved, whole and at peace.

But somewhere along the line that changed. Something shifted and we decided that if others would not do it, did not see the need or had other priorities, we would do it ourselves.

So we started healing, we started exploring, we started within. We started asking for guidance. We became stronger and more aware of our own power. We started taking action.

And now, especially now the world is in so much turmoil, we discover what we have been training for. What we have been practicing for.

While the world is struggling with anxiety and uncertainty, we have found that our true power lies within us. We know do not need to be saved by others. We do not need others to fix what is broken. We have become the ones we depend on. We look to ourselves for changing things around. We are ready to assist others. And in assisting others, we heal even more.

What is happening right now is a massive transformation. What started inside of us, is now becoming a global movement. It is unstoppable. Whatever darkness comes up needs to come up. What needs to be healed will be healed. What shadows remain will come up to see the light too.

We are living in very special times. We all have front-row tickets. We are not watching the show. We are the show.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

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