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The VirtueScience Philosophy

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The VirtueScience Philosophy

VirtueScience is a unique and evolving philosophy. We trace the root of the world's problems back to the source: the characters of individuals. We affirm that character can be improved by study of the virtues and using specific techniques. The nature of every being is seen as intrinsically good and character flaws merely obscure the natural goodness temporarily just as clouds cover the sun. "Inner Medicine"

We believe that there are a set number of elemental virtues which are trans-cultural and universal. From this "periodic table" of simple virtues all other virtues are made up by combination. Each virtue has a partner virtue. A vice is merely a lack of virtue.

That we belong to countless and ever changing "vibrational groups" which influence us and we in turn influence. This is the scientific basis for all the worlds ritual, ceromony and magick and religious/spiritual techniques etc. The Art of Venn

That as our kindness and compassion increase our thoughts speech and actions improve correspondingly. When our compassion is sufficiently developed a Vegetarian or Vegan diet becomes inevitable. There are many good reasons to adopt a Vegetarian Diet

The laws of number are eternal, unchanging and all pervading and thus worthy of deep study. Knowledge can best be organised by number. The Database of Number Correlations

That every being is an unlimited non-dual entity. A human being is composed of a number of subtle bodies. These bodies are too subtle to be detected by the instruments of material scientists but they can be perceived by those with awakened higher senses.Partitions of an Integer

That wisdom comes from experience. This is a world of vast variety. That by experiencing a vast variety of experiences over countless lifetimes we become wiser and eventually awaken. It is not necessary to believe this to derive benefit from other aspects of VirtueScience.

Past vows that we made consciously, semiconciously and unconsciously have a powerful influence over our present state. Renouncing obsolete vows can have a profoundly beneficial effect.

Ramana Maharshi is a great example for humanity.Ramana Maharshi

It is a duty for good people to become powerful and understand strategy and self defence etc. However mercy, kindness and forgiveness are paramount. Tactics

The Jain view that karma is actually a subtle obscuring matter is correct. The influx of karmic matter is connected with the outflowing of loosh. This connection is based on the Law of Equilibrium and relative high and low pressures.

The outer light of goodness, virtue and life fluctuates over vast cycles of time. We are currently in a dark time period. There was a "Golden Age" on Earth thousands of years ago where people were virtuous, lived far longer and had advanced capabilities.

A major goal of VirtueScience is to complete and unite the universal conceptual patterns, (including the symmetrical matrix of virtues) with the binary and trinary patterns that correspond with the geometric features of the simplexes and hypercubes. This will have profound implications for society as a whole and for you as an individual. This may appear confusing at first but careful study of the work on this site will bring you a good understanding of the subject and a chance to contribute your own insights.

VirtueScience is my official site so if you like my ideas and philosophy then please bookmark and visit often.

You are here: Index About VirtueScience The VirtueScience Philosophy

Thank you for doing your Amazon Shopping through this link. Amazon pays me a small advertising commission each time :)

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Hi, I am James Barton the founder of VirtueScience and Author of "Inner Medicine" which details my discoveries regarding the virtues along with practical exercises to awaken natural virtue. I have a wide range of interests but the main focus of this site now is the virtues and character. Please feel free to explore the site and comment on any pages that you are interested in/agree with or disagree with.
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