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A Study of the VirtueScience Symbol

VirtueScience Symbol

The VirtueScience symbol is a sword in a stone. It is a cross representing the hilt of the sword atop a triangle representing the stone. This is connected with the legend of excalibur: only the true man could remove the sword and be proclaimed king.

At one level the stone represents Matter, the material realm of illusion and the sword represents Spirit. The Spirit is embedded in Matter just as the sword is embedded in the stone. By perfecting character and becoming a true person, one may free their Spirit from Matter and Awake ie become an enlightened being.

At another level the sword represents the male yang energy and the stone represents the female yin energy. The symbol depicts the energies in union.

One of the major diagrams of the VirtueSience system is a triangle which shows the 2 opposite vices as the 2 lower points of the triangle. The apex of the triangle symbolises the 2 opposite virtues as single united harmony. Have a look at the Famous Pool Table example page.

The VirtueScience symbol illustrates this basic truth. The Hilt of the sword at the apex of the stone symbolizes the middle way, the harmony point between two extremes.

As with any simple geometric figure one may uncover other meanings and correspondences by study and meditation.

Later Note:
A symbol for Phosporus:

An Additional Symbol...

Due to my work on the The Integer I have taken this symbol:

The VirtueScience Symbol
with modifications as the primary VirtueScience Symbol.

You are here: Home location About VirtueScience location A Study of the VirtueScience Symbol
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