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<42 Number Data-Base
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The Number 43: Properties and Meanings

43 is a Prime Number.

43 is a Centered Heptagonal Number.

43 is a Centered 14-gonal Number.

43 can be Partitioned 53174 ways.

43 can be Partitioned 22 times with each term no larger than 2.

43 can be Partitioned 176 times with each term no larger than 3.

43 can be Partitioned 764 times with each term no larger than 4.

43 is the number of sided 7-iamonds.

Along with atomic number 61, atomic number 43 is the only atomic number smaller than 84 who's Chemical Element (Technetium) is not stable.

It requires 43 muscles to frown.(Human)

There are 43 species of birds in Antarctica.

"The sriyantra ('great object') belongs to a class of devices used in meditation, mainly by those belonging to the Hindu tantric tradition. The diagram consists of nine interwoven isosceles triangles four point upwards, representing Sakti, the primordial female essence of dynamic energy, and five point downwards, representing Siva, the primordial male essence of static wisdom The triangles are ananged in such a way that they produce 43 subsidiary triangles."

Licor 43, also known as "Cuarenta Y Tres" (which means 43 in Spanish) is a liqueur made in Spain for over a thousand years, dating back to the time of the Carthaginians. It is a bright yellow color and derives its name from the fact that it is supposedly a mixture of 43 different ingredients.

There are 43 verses in the Old English epic poem Beowulf.

43 appears in the title of the historical British comedy show Hancock's Forty-Three Minutes

George W. Bush is the 43rd President of the United States.

The Year 43 AD

In the year 43 AD the Romans invaded Britain.

In the year 43 AD London was founded as the Roman town of Londinium

In the year 43 AD Chinese armies conquered Annam (northern Vietnam).

<42 Number Data-Base
Random Number Random Number Random Number

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