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Web Master Check List

1. WebSite Related Emails. These should be checked and answered at least once a day if at all possible.

2. Website Maintenance. Set some time aside every day for website maintenance such as checking internal and external links. Make sure your content is up to date,relevant and error free.

3. Content Creation. If you have any ideas for articles or content put them down on screen- you can always edit them later. It is useful to have a reserve of material. Strive to make your website as valuable a resource as possible for yourself and your visitors.

4. Research - Research is vital for staying ahead of the game and keeping up to date with new developments in web related matters and/or your own area of expertise. I suggest having a pad and pen next to you when surfing so that you can take notes, otherwise you may forget useful info. The great danger with research is that it can degenerate into mindless surfing and leech away a very valuable resource: your time! Stay foccused on the small area you want to research. You can always bookmark any other interesting sites and check them out another time.

5. Website Promotion - This should be done every day. Even a small effort every day, such as setting up a couple of recripical links will accumulate to a fair amount of traffic over time. Check out the Website Promotion for some great ideas.

You are here: Index location Webmaster Tips and Tricks location Web Master Check List

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