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Time Management

Your time is a valuable resource-a resource that can all to easily be wasted online. Here are some tips to help you protect and best utilise your computer time.

Your Work Environment

Where do you usually work on your website? Take a look with fresh eyes. How can it be improved? Is your chair properly adjusted? Are you relatively free from distraction? Do you have pen, paper, software discs and other needed equipment organised and easily at hand? A helpful suggestion is to have on display a motivational picture such as a picture of your loved ones, or a picture of a dream goal such as a holiday or a new car. Consider buying a Motivational Poster with an inspiring phrase on it. Little touches like this can have a surprisingly positive effect on your attitude towards work and on your productivity levels.

Hardware and Operating Systems

If your computer is running slow, has a tendency to crash or keeps starting up on a page you did not choose there are several things you can do to remedy the situation and improve your efficiency. Your computer may be infected with spyware. Download a free adware scanner. It will probably find a large number of nuisance and malicious programmes in your system. To remove the programs you may have to register the software ie purchase it for about $20. Click here for a free Scan. After removing the adware you will notice an immediate improvement in your computing experience. Defragging your hard drive will free up space and improve performance. Delete any old programmes that you no longer want. Try Byte-Booster a $12.95 software download that may improve performance by 150%: "Byte-Booster can provide a real, measurable performance increase on the most modern PCs and even more on older, slower models. It really works!" If your RAM memory is low consider buying more. If your computer is very old and you can afford to, then upgrade your equipment. Spend some time familarising yourself with your operating system. You may find useful shortcuts and also discover that it can perform tasks that you did not think were possible etc.


Do you have a good html editor? I recommend Webmaster Pro from GaltTech but you may be able to find a better one. The biggest time saver I have found is Advanced Find and Replace by Abacre. Search multiple documents with smart queries and batch replace lines of text/html code! You can try it free for 21 days. It is especially useful if you have to manage a large website.

Customize Your Own HomePage

List the top sites that you use most often and create a fast loading page that links to them. This can be very convenient. You can add a google (or other search engine) search box as well.


Before you go online have a clear goal that you want to accomplish with your website. This will help protect you from online distractions and mindless surfing.

Overcoming Webmaster's Block

If you become tired and despirited performing a large task or if you cannot think of anything creative to do to improve your site then have a back up plan. A change is as good as a rest. Work on a different part of your site, perform routine tasks such as link checking etc. Spend some time reading up on html and site design. Read articles on website promotion. If you really do not feel like doing any of that, then remember your offline life! Use the opportunity to get those jobs done around the house that you have been meaning to do etc.

You are here: Index location Webmaster Tips and Tricks location Time Management

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