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My Published Poem: Souler Systems

This is the poem that I had published in "Star Gazing" a collection of poems about the sky at night. I remember receiving the royalties-a massive 65pence!

Souler Systems

Velvet Dome Bejewelled with light
Infinite mystery of obsidian night
Utopian future in future's womb
From star to star we'll zoom

A fiery arc of comet's trail
and graceful planets sail
Around majestic, life giving star
So dazzling! Brilliant! And yet so far
It seems to us like a speck of light
A sparkling sequin on blanket night.

Oh woman moon! Your melody
Of silent sweetness and remedy
Uplifts the soul..
And the lands below
are all aglow
with frosty silver enchantment.

As benign splendour of starry skies
-unblinking compassionate angel eyes-
uplift the souls of some,
An earthly beauty doth captivate
my senses...
And will break my heart before she is done.

James Barton

I would love to know what you think of this poem and criticism is more than welcome. If you have a poem that you would like to see on my site then let me know and I will create a section for you.

You are here: Home location Art, Music, Poetry! location My Published Poem: 'Souler Systems'