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<287 Number Data-Base
Random Number Random Number Random Number

The Number 288: Properties and Meanings

Prime Factors of 288=2x2x2x2x2x3x3.

288 is a 12-gonal Number.

288 is a 97-gonal Number.

288 is a Pentagonal Pyramidal Number.


288 = 4321! This is the value of "4 superfactorial" by the lower definition of "superfactorial".

"When the Vessels of Chaos shattered, 288 sparks “fell” from their level and became embedded in the lower levels of creation. As they fell downwards they broke further into smaller particles. As they continued to fall, they became more numerous and coarser due to their egotistic origin. The more refined sparks were assimilated into Atzilut. The others fell into Beriah or Yetzirah constituting the “evil” (or independent) parts of those levels. The coarsest sparks fell into Assiyah and ultimately created Kelipot."

288 Glauke is an asteroid named after Glauke, a daughter of Creon in Greek mythology.It has an exceptionally slow rotation period.

The Year 288 AD

In the year 288 AD Li Ban, emperor of Cheng Han was born.

<287 Number Data-Base
Random Number Random Number Random Number

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