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About VirtueScience is the personal website of James Barton: James Barton

It was originally put up as a vehicle for my unique book "Inner Medicine" which contains my discoveries about the virtues and how to improve one's character. I later added some of my innovations in sacred geometry,esoteric mathematics and the Kabalah etc along with some original diagrams. Now I have added many other articles and sections to my site. The biggest section, which contains over 2000 pages, is the Database of Number Correlations which is a useful resource for mathematicians, historians, scientists and students of Universal Mysteries etc etc.

Over time I have created the Affirmation Wheel software to help myself and others make best of positive affirmations. The software I created uses a unique approach of combining micro commitments with the positive affirmations along with some randomness that helps keep the experience fresh and adds to the overall effect.

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