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Inner Medicine by James Barton

Inner Medicine by James Barton
Heal your virtues, uplift your character, improve your life.
48 short chapters, 16 of which are practical inner execises.
This book contains new discoveries about human nature.

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Complete Text on one page(52K)
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Free Online Version
Inner Medicine

By James Barton

"When you are deluded and full of doubt, even a thousand books of wisdom are not enough. When you have realized understanding, even one word is too much."
Ancient Teacher

"Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself."
Ancient proverb


Section 1
02)-How to read This book
03)-The Virtues
04)-Examples of virtuous opposites
05)-*Exercise one: Overview
06)-Summary of Exercise one: Overview
08)-Two attitudes towards Truth
09)-*Exercise two: Letting go of false beliefs
10)-Summary of Exercise Two: Letting go of false beliefs

Section 2
11)-More About the Virtues
12)-*Exercise Three: Awakening the Virtues
13)-The Virtues are Interconnected
14)-*Exercise Four: Reuniting Virtues
15)-Every Virtue is Useful in Awakening the Other Virtues
16)-Examples of Individual Pathways
17)-*Exercise Five: Unifying Your Virtuous Matrix
18)-Vices: Yours
19)-*Exercise Six: Dealing with Your Own Faults
20)-Summary of Exercise Six: Dealing with Your Own Faults
21)-Vices: Other Peoples
22)-*Exercise Seven: Accepting Others Despite Their Faults

Section 3
23)-A Deeper Understanding of the Matrix
24)-Compound Virtues
25)-Gaps in the Matrix
26)-Beyond the Elemental
27)-The Unknown Virtue
28)-*Exercise Eight: Reintegrating the Unknown Virtue

Section 4
29)-Utilising Semiconciousness
30)-Mental Association
31)-*Exercise Nine: Positive Association
32)-Social and Universal Association
33)-*Exercise Ten: Enhancing Your Surroundings
34)-Anchoring Positive Association
35)-*Exercise Eleven: Anchoring Positive Association
36)-Summary of Exercise Eleven: Anchoring Positive Association
37)-*Exercise Twelve: Deepening Positive Association

Section 5
38)-Individual Areas
39)-*Exercise Thirteen: Individual Areas
41)-*Exercise Fourteen: Reclaiming Your Power
42)-Summary of Exercise Fourteen: Reclaiming Your Power
43)-The Darkness Within
44)-*Exercise Fifteen: Embracing the Darkness
45)-Summary of Exercise Fifteen: Embracing the Darkness
46)-Improving Your Practice
47)-*Exercise Sixteen: Boosting Practice
48)-Final Word

>>> Section 1 >>>

Section 1| Section 2| Section 3| Section 4| Section 5|

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Hi, I am James Barton the founder of VirtueScience and Author of "Inner Medicine" which details my discoveries regarding the virtues along with practical exercises to awaken natural virtue. I have a wide range of interests but the main focus of this site now is the virtues and character. Please join free to contribute to the blogs and forums.

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