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Shamanism and Magick

Real Psychic Protection by James Barton
helpful and essential dos and donts.

Parasitic Entities by James Barton
What are they, how do they operate and how can we protect ourselves from them?

Beware of Channeled Material by James Barton
Even entities that seem very wise and loving may actually be deceptive spirits seeking to delay you Self Realization.

The Magick Powers Trap by James Barton
Real freedom is giving up the desires which you didnt choose and which you are a slave to. Gaining power to slavishly follow desires is still slavery.

Magnifying Intent by James Barton
How to increase the power of your intent energy in regards to specific purposes.

Public Domain
How to Read the Crystal or, Crystal and Seer by Sepharial

External Links
Shamanism Links
Soul Retrieval and Psychic Protection.


In my view CyberShamanism (Technoshamanism) is the intelligent use of any material phenomena in order to influence the more subtle realms of existence. This includes low tech "devices" such as colored candles and cave wall painting at one end of the spectrum. At the other end of the spectrum the CyberShaman utilizes the most modern technology such as brain scanning bio feedback devices etc. CyberShamanism is also interested in studying modern terminology and concepts that are usually applied to computers and the internet and applying them to the inner world.

The Lucid Dream Computer by James Barton
If you can lucid dream or are interested in lucid dreaming then you may be interested in this innovative way to best utilise your conscious dreaming for self healing, development and much more.

Cyber Shamanism by James Barton
How technology can be used for self improvement. Some original ideas. (unfinished)

Yantra Goggles by James Barton
Utilizing special goggles to enhance vizualization and the use of Yantras.

Possible Futures for Music by James Barton
A few musings on music.

CyberShamanism by James Barton
TecnoShamism etc. Many articles and resources.

How to Read the Crystal or, Crystal and Seer by Sepharial

CyberShamanism Links
A selection.

Gemstone Therapy

Random Gemstone | Agate | Alexandrite | Amazonite | Amber | Amethyst | Ametrine | Ammolite | Andalusite | Aquamarine | Beryl | Bloodstone | Chrome Diopside | Chrysoberyl | Citrine | Coral | Diamond | Emerald | Garnet | Hematite | Iolite | Jade | Jasper | Jet | Kunzite | Lapis Lazuli | Moldavite | Moonstone | Morganite | Obsidian | Onyx | Opal | Pearl | Peridot | Pyrite | Quartz | Ruby | Sapphire | Spinel | Tanzanite | Topaz | Tourmaline | Turquoise | Variscite | Zircon

Gemstones and Public Buildings by James Barton
Could theraputic gemstones play a role in making public buildings more beneficial to society

Gemstones and Character Improvement by James Barton
Could particular gemstones support character imp[rovement work?

Other Materials by James Barton
If gemstones, themselves composed from combinations of the chemical elements, have theraputic value then surely other materials also have theraputic value because they are also composed from combinations of the chemical elements.

Gemstones and Chemical Elements by James Barton
What are the the metaphysical properties of the chemical elements and how can knowing them help our understanding of gemstone therapy.

Optimizing Gemstones by James Barton
In what ways can the vibrational properties of gemstones be best enhanced and utilized?

Permutational-Gemstone Therapy by James Barton
Searching for a divine symmetry in gemstone therapy.

Without Gemstones by James Barton
Gemstones are not entirely necessary for effective gemstone therapy due to the Universal Law of Sympathetic Vibration.

Natural Vs Synthetic Gemstones by James Barton
Do synthetic gemstones have any value regarding Gemstone Therapy?

Gemstone Enhanced Herbs by James Barton
Could medicinal and metephysical herbs be empowered by growing them close to gemstones with related properties?

Determining Gemstone Effects by James Barton
By what methods, scientific and beyond current mundane science can we determine the metaphysical properties of gemstones?

Purifying Gemstone Vibrations by James Barton
Do gemstones sometimes need purifying or not? If so then what are the best methods?

Gemstones and Saced Places by James Barton
Are natural sacred places endowed with concentrations of theraputic gemstones?

Gemstone Therapy Links
Links to websites and articles about Gemstones and Gemstone Therapy.

You are here: Home location Shamanism and Magick

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