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Magnifying Intent

My theory of magnifying intent involves 'nested dedications'. As an example someone affirms their intent towards something by dedicating a time period to it: "I dedicate this day to --------". The idea is that this is like creating an outer nest within which the intent has a favourable space to be further strengthened. A series of other nests within the outer nest continue to intensify the intent to the level of useful effect. For example within the dedicated day other time periods are also dedicated to the same intent-the morning, next hour etc etc-both concentrically and consecutively. Apart from dedications of time periods we can also dedicate spaces such as buildings and rooms (note that this can also be concentric). Also our breath, emotions and thoughts etc plus things like the next meal etc or items such as tools or ornaments.

Apart from the willed intent structures that we can design and implement we should also take note of vibrational groups in general. Here is an article stub outlining this:
This involves so many correspondences such as colour, direction etc etc. These should be arranged so as to be in harmony with the particular intent.

These nestings and vibrational groups naturally form eternal mathematical patterns. For example if we had 4 concepts, dedications or vibrational groups then there would be 9 possible patterns:
eg if we are just dedicating 4 time periods then one way of doing this is to do it one within the other within the other within the other ie like the pattern of 4 concentric circles. Or we could dedicate 4 time periods one after the other eg 4 hours one after the other-like the pattern of 4 circles next to each other. Apart from those 2 basic patterns there are only 7 other basic patterns as per the link above.

The above 'Concepts are Containers' article is only a stub at present. I am not sure how easy it is to see where I am coming from with this. Here is a small illustration as to how concepts are containers and how those conceptual containers form these non-arbitary patterns: The concept 'furniture' is a container in which are all forms of furniture. If we have 4 concepts eg: furniture, chairs, table, and apple then we can see that they naturally arrange into one of the 9 patterns, in this case a circle (labeled furniture) with 2 circles (one labeled chairs and another labeled table) within it next to each other-and another circle (labeled apple) next to the larger outer circle. It is the pattern 2nd one down on the left hand column of the diagram in the link above.

Maybe the last part is not so relevant but just trying to show how the patterns that may be used for various intent magnification experiments are also inherent to language itself.

Apart from the above ideas I would recommend studying the virtues if one wants to develop powerful intent. eg such qualities as sincerity, determination, patience and bravery etc are all connected with the quality of intent. Furthermore unless the intent is virtuous then it will be unhelpful/harmful. As per my website I believe that the virtues support and are supported by each other and the ideal is not to have irrational bias for or against particular qualities but to accept them equally. A primary aim should be to purify our characters/reintegrate natural virtue into our everyday lives.

Another factor is any false contradictory beliefs that may be semiconsciously working against the intent. Naturally these should be dissolved away otherwise the consciousness would be working against itself. Discretion and secrecy help protect the intent from the counterproductive intents of other people.

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