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The Art of Venn

The title is a play on words on "The Art of Zen". Zen is a Buddhist sect which is, as Bodhidharma describes:
"A special transmission outside the scriptures; No dependence on words and letters; Direct pointing to the mind of man; Seeing into one's nature and attaining Buddhahood."

Venn Diagrams are ways of visualizing groups and categories and how they overlap/interact with each other. We are all in millions of different groups at any given time and each one effects us via the universal law of sympathetic vibration.

For example we can conceptually separate all people into 2 groups. Those which at the moment are smiling and those which are not. Each of these 2 groups has a very different overall vibrational energy. Simply by smiling we attune to the overall energy of the smiling group.

Each group is composed of countless subgroups each with different energies. For example if you smile sarcasticly you will be attuning to a very different energy than if you smiled genuinely, perhaps with the motivation to make someone feel good.

Every action, no matter how small and seemingly inconsequential is a ritual that effects your reality. We are living talismans and past actions are like vibrational signatures set in the amber of time. This is Karma, which is a neutral law of cause and effect not a matter of judgment and punishment.

The Law of Sympathetic Vibration

Check out this quote for more information regarding sympathetic vibration or the "Law of Entrainment" as they call it:
"The Law of Entrainment, or as it is technically called, 'mutual phase locking of two oscillators', was first described by a Danish physicist in 1767. This law of physics was discovered one afternoon as the physicist observed the armature motion of two pendulum type clocks that he had placed side by side on a fire place mantel. Initially, the armatures swung in opposition to one another. Then, after a short period of time, they began swinging in unison (entraining). This Law of physics occurs because energy seeks the path of least resistance or, said another way, seeks the most efficient means of expressing itself. In other words, objects (clock armatures) moving in unison (harmony/entrain) expresses a more efficient use of energy than when they move in opposition (disharmony) to one another. Similarly, the Law of Entrainment is what causes the unconscious and neurological tendency of a person to move their body or tap their foot in rhythm to music".

Also have a look at this site if you want to further your understanding of this universal law:

By viewing your choices, actions and thoughts as putting you in different vibrational groups you will be able to surf the sea of energy and bring your life into harmony and fulfillment.
This is the "Art of Venn".

Although there are countless interpenetrating groups that may be very difficult to understand, we can simplify it in this way. We imagine a group of people who are as wise, emotionally healthy and compassionate as possible. This is the desired end of the vibrational spectrum. We also imagine the undesired end of the vibrational spectrum, a group of beings who are unbalanced, emotionally sick and malign. Your every thought/action will draw you, to some extent, upwards or downwards upon this spectrum of being.

Even one small act of kindness can help create a vibrational bridge to the benevolent/ healthy end of the spectrum. Therefore helping to heal and uplift you.

This highest end of the vibrational spectrum (infinite frequency/ zero wavelength?) is not just some theoretical concept outside yourself: It is your true nature and the true nature of all beings, no matter how things may seem on the surface. By forgiving and loving those who have acted badly, seeing such bad actions as temporary clouds covering their natural sun of goodness, we will be putting our hearts and minds in proximity with the most wonderful healing energy and we will help the other person to heal also.

You are here: Home location Spiritual Development location The Art of Venn

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