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Gemstone Therapy Without Gemstones

Via the Law of Sympathetic Vibration objects that share some properties tend to share other properties as well. For example if we are in the company of very kind and loving people we feel nourished and peaceful. If we are alone in a prison cell and we vizualize those kind and loving people we will gain some solace, we feel nourished and peaceful, our mood lifts. This is because our thoughts are atuned via similarity to those positive emanations that radiate from the actual benevolent people.

The law of Sympathetic Vibration is a Universal Law. Even our cave dwelling ancestors utilized it with their cave paintings of successful hunts-they employed sympathetic magick.

It is not entirely necessary to actually possess (and have in close proximity to you) the expensive gemstones whos' purported qualities you require to heal and uplift your life.

A photograph of a particular gemstone will share, via sympathetic vibration, something of the qualities of that gemstone. Speaking the name of a gemstone or visualizing it will evoke something of the beneficial vibrations of that gemstone. Within your self-directed imagination you may picture youself being surrounded by examples of the highest qualities of a particular gemstone and bathe in those powerful vibrations for your benefit. You may actually derive far more benefit from this than those who actually posses the rare and expensive gemstones but do not use them correctly.

Never forget that you are a microcosm-that is that you contain all the different energies of the universe. In fact it is because you have that these energies within you that gemstones can effect you. If there was no answering echo within your own system to the beneficial vibrations then they could have no effect on you at all. Do you understand this? All these energies are within you already. One should not crave an outer source of them because by doing so you are reinforcing the erroronous view within yourself that you lack anything.

However gemstones can be used to help you if you are in the semiconscious state that most people call their everyday waking state. They are useful and knowledge of them is good. Remember that this is really only a stepp[ing stone technique and the real goal is to awaken fully. In the fully awakened state you will not have to rely on outer things to effect your energies.

You are here: Home location Shamanism and Magick location Gemstone Therapy Without Gemstones

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