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Optimizing the Effects of Gemstones

How can we maximize the theraputic vibrations of gemstones?


The shape of a gemstone, according to theory, should definitely effect the quality and quantity of the theraputic vibrations emitted. It should be said first however that although there are a few guiding principles which apply to all gemstones each gemstone has it's own best shape according to its innate properties and the particular vibrations that one wishes to enhance. For example some gemstones, due to the nature of their material, cannot be readily carved into complex shapes such as statues etc or even be faceted.

If a gemstone is carved into a universal symbol that resonates with the vibration that one wishes to increase then that will definately have a beneficial effect. For example if one carved a life-force enhancing gemstone with a life-force rune or symbol it should enhance the required properties. If a gemstone said to embody compassion were expertly carved into the archetypal form of a compassionate Goddess then that could increase it's positive emenation greatly. Every factor has an effect that helps or diminishes the positive effect of the gemstone. For example if the carver was of a fine compassionate character and had meditated on compassion before-hand that would guide his carving beneficially to help the stone embody compassion more fully. If, conversely, the carver was of cruel character and his motives of carving were primarily for money and he had had a violent arguement before -hand then these things would malignly effect the morphology of the stone via his carving.

When somebody looks apon a positive image that is in tune with the stone's theraputic properties then their mindforce shines apon the carving and helps build up a positive aura around the stone. The positive image also helps awaken and strengthen the positive within the viewer which is another reason that appropriate carving can augment the beneficial vibrations of a stone.

Geometric shapes each have their own vibrational properties and by shaping a gemstone into a particular geometric shape we may utilize this. However it might be so that some geometric shapes, whilst seeming neutral or actually generally pleasing to the eye may actually be in conflict with the metaphysic properties of the gemstone. For example if the natural crystaline structure of themgstone is hexagonal then shaping into other shapes may detract from the "6" numerological energy that them stone may derive some of it's vibrational properties. To really understand this one should deeply study the 230 crystal space groups and geometry as a whole etc etc.

Another point regarding the shape of gemstones is it's surface area. Every 3-dimensional shape has a particular ratio between it's volumes and it's surface area. The sphere has the smallest surface area in relation to it's volume. This may mean that the vibrational properties of a sphere-shaped gemstone will have less effect when placed in a room than complex, feathery shapes which come into contact with a far larger volume of air. However contact with the air is only one way of vibrational propagation and the sphere being a harmonious shape may have other beneficial effects. This also depends on the properties and effects of different types of gemstone material.

Gemstones that are faceted then take on something of the numerological properties of the number of face, edges and points of the shape. Again this may enhance or detract from the desired vibrational properties. Unfortunately the effects of these things are not known by the gemstone therapist of the modern world as far as I am aware. Some believe that the ancients knew these profound secrets but the knowlege was lost over time. If this is correct then modern Gemstone Therapists may make some useful discoveries by studying the most ancient known artificially faceted gemstones.

Another consideration is that if a particular gemstone is naturally embodyment of certain healing energieas then the natural shape of the gemstone when discovered may actually be the best shape for that gemstone. Of course this is not true for all gemstones. I feel that natural double-terminated quartz crystals are an example where the natural shape is best left unaltered.


If one dedicates/consecrates a particular gemstone for a particular purpose then it will enhance that gemstone accordingly although of cause the exact effects depend on multiple factors. If one is a very truthful and pure person who has great faith or certainty regarding the power of dedications etc then the dedication will have a powerful effect. If ones dedication is in harmony with the natural character of the stone then that will help. If the dedication/consecration is made at a sympathetic astrological etc time then that will also help.

Prayer to Higher Beings

If one has an affinity with particular higher beings, the Universal Deity or one's higher self then one can pray to them to help purify and uplift the stone in accordance with the highest good.

Placement in a Room

A deep knowlege of Feng Shui type practices may be required for expert placement of gemestones. However we may theorise some basic principles. Gemstones placed in close proximity to where you generally sit or sleep are likely to have a greater effect on you.

Placement on the Body

A gemstone placed directly on the skin may have more effect than otherwise. If a gemstone is seperated from the human body by synthetic materials such as nylon, it's vibrational effect may be maligned. If one is wearing colors that are sympathetic to the gemstone then it's effects will be enhanced, if one is wearing colors that are unsympathetic to the gemstone then it's effects will be diminished.

Complimentary Stones

It is said that some some gemstones support and enhance the qualities of each other. How is this so? What is the principle behind it. Is the claim true or false?

The Quantity of Gemstone

If one has a particular problem and one wants to optimize every variable then it might be worth buying a large quantity of a particular gemstone for ones bedroom. Would it have more effect to have under your bed tray after tray of rough gemstone or to have a high 1 grade faceted gemstone around your neck?

The Quality of Gemstone

How important is the quality of the gemstone? This depends on the type of gemstone and the desired quality.


If you are surrounded by a lot of negative people and blind sceptics then it is better not to mention your theraputic use of gemstones. Their negative thought patterns may pollute and negate the beneficial effect of the gemstone vibrations. If your conscious use of gemstones is kept secret but they are left out in the open then the negative mindset will still have some negative effect. It is wise to not mention and keep concealed some theraputic gemstones whilst others may be kept in view and even be prominently displayed. Some gemstones specialize in absorbing and transforming negative energies and these can perhaps be beneficially displayed.

Prevention Better than Cure

Prevention is better than cure and by careful use of a range of gemstones throughout life one can be protected from many misfortunes and so prevent them from taking hold in the first place.

You are here: Home location Shamanism and Magick location Optimizing the Effects of Gemstones

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