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A gemstone, consisting of the deep-blue mineral lazurite embedded in a matrix of white calcite, together with dark specks of Pyrite.

bulletLapis-Lazuli brings truthfulness, openness, inner power, intuition, creativity, virility and manifestation.
bulletLapis-Lazuli strengthens the mind and body as well as increasing awareness and spiritual connection/evolution.
bulletLapis-Lazuli can help organize daily life as well as organizing and quieting a busy or restless mind.
bulletLapis-Lazuli is used to contact guardian spirits.
bulletLapis-Lazuli helps build self-confidence.
bulletLapis-Lazuli is a stone traditionally for royalty.
bulletLapis-Lazuli brings spiritual love and is also known for enhancing love and fidelity within marriage.
bulletLapis-Lazuli is also said to help one overcome shyness.
bulletLapis-Lazuli is associated with the throat and brow chakras
bulletLapis-Lazuli can help one say just the right thing.
bulletLapis-Lazuli protects from both physical and psychic attacks.
bulletLapis-Lazuli is also helpful for sinus ailments, headaches, nervous system, speech problems, pituitary gland and pain relief.

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You are here: Home location Shamanism and Magick location Lapis-Lazuli

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