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The Lucid Dream Computer

Lucid dreaming means dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming. Many people have lucid dreams occasionally. Dreaming lucidly is a skill that can be developed so that lucid dreams occur much more frequently and at greater levels of clarity and control.

However this article is not a guide to begin lucid dreaming. It is aimed at those who are already able to dream lucidly. For such people this article may be a doorway to deeper and more useful lucid dreaming.

When you are conscious that you are dreaming you can fly and indulge in other fantasies. More importantly though, lucid dreaming can be used to heal and develop one's self.

The problem with many self healing techniques is that they rely on the visualisation of positive images and sometimes the viewing of inner energies and archetypes. Unfortunately most people cannot visualise or perceive the inner world very clearly at all. In effect they are working virtually blind.

In the dream world however one may see perfectly clearly the inner energies that one is working with. Free from most of the distractions of the physical body and the outer senses one can be much more effective in the inner world.

My idea is to create a base of operations in the dream world so that we can best utilise the dream environment for inner exploration and emotional healing etc.

Simply by imagining it, create in your dream world a dream temple, castle, base or even a spacecraft. Remember: in the dream world even the sky is not a limit! Let it be a place of peace, goodness and safety. The higher your levels of goodness and general virtue in your everyday life the easier this will be.

In one's dream base construct a dream computer simply by imagining one before you. See it as an amazing highly advanced inner helper.

The first priority with this dream work is to work towards greater and more stable dream control.

For example, use the dream computer to call forth an image of your ability to lucidly dream in the form of a tree. Let the image appear on your dream computer's screen or as a 3d projection. Remember that your dream computer technology is not resticted by the laws of real world physics or conventional levels of technology.

At first the tree, which you are using to symbolise your power to lucid dream, may be stunted, starved of water or diseased. By interacting with this image in the dream world, for example by watering it and by interacting with your dream computer eg by asking it questions and putting in commands the tree image should change and shift. As the tree image becomes more healthy and balanced there will be a corresponding increase in your ability to lucid dream.

If your power to lucid dream is initially weak you should dedicate as many dream sessions as you can to awaken and strengthen your skill. Try and resist any temptations to indulge in fantasies and concentrate on freeing up your ability.

Your dream base and dream computer will change and improve as you heal and awaken different parts of yourself. As ideas to improve them come to mind implement them with the power of your will and imagination.

Use your dream computer as a trusted guide. Will that it is linked to the deepest wells and knowledge within you. Ask it questions, call up graphs, diagrams and symbolic representations of different parts of your nature and heal and reintegrate them. If you are are advised to make changes in your everyday life and habits then remember them apon waking and consider implementing them.

What are the limits for your dream computer? Whatever they are do not assume them and set your sights to low. Call up the imagined limit on your dream computer and explore it. If it is a false limit caused by fear or ignorance then use your lucid dreaming skills to dissolve it away.

Maybe your dream computer can remind you of appointments and aniversaries etc, warn you of dangers and come up with solutions to problems.

Use your lucid dreaming sessions to explore and heal your character. Call up different virtues and integrate them fully and healthily into your life.

You are here: Home location Shamanism and Magick location The Lucid Dream Computer
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