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Real Psychic Protection

Walk on the Earth with bare feet periodically.

Walk in natural sunlight periodically.

Avoid recreational drugs including alcohol and tobacco. Also avoid artificial sweetners and msg.

Avoid eating meat. Indgesting the dead bodies of badly treated/tortured and murdered animals is not good for your aura.

Avoid microwaved food if possible.

If possible refrain from wearing a wrist watch.

Favor natural material clothing/bedding etc such as cotton over man made fibres such as nylon/polyester etc which disrupt the lifeforce.

Remove ticking clocks from your living space as the artificial rhythms disrupt your natural rhythms.

Do not fill your subconscious with negative images/pseudo experiences from violent books, films and computer games etc.

Avoid channelled material, mediumship and quigee boards etc. Even seemingly wise and loving guides who give accurate information are usually deceptive entities trying to manipulate you.

Study the virtues and methods for character improvement. > Be honest and respect truth. Lying confuses the liar and tunes them into false beliefs.

Renounce grudges, hatreds and obsessions. Forgive others and yourself.

If appropriate when facing a negative person look with both your eyes into their left eye and fold your arms.

Do not over-indulge with food nor starve yourself. Follow the middle path of balance.

Avoid getting tattood-especially avoid negative image tattoos.

Avoid getting pierced.

Avoid sexual relations with multiple partners who you do not really know or trust.

Avoid severe lack of sleep and over working yourself.

Simplify your life.

Bathe in a salt water bath-Add natural seasalt and fully immerse yourself if possible.

Keep clean and hygenic. Be tidy and remove clutter from your home.
Drink a glass of clean cold water.

Put your hands gently together palm facing palm in the 'prayer' posture. Just gently become aware of your hands in unity and harmony.

Do not share too much personal information such as your middle name with people who you get a bad feeling about or even just strangers.

If possible stand up with your arms outstretched to the sides and rotate slowly in a clockwise direction a few times.

Wear white clothing.

Avoid clothing that is too tight ie clothing which restricts blood flow.

Associate with people of good character. Do not choose to socialize with people of questionable morality.

You are here: Home location Shamanism and Magick location Real Psychic Protection

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