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Gemstones and Character Improvement

The world's problems are caused by the characters of individual people. It is important therfore to explore deeply many different methods that may help improve character-that is methods that can increase virtue and reduce, or totally eliminate, vices such as greed and hatred.

Certain gemstones have long been said to boost particular virtues and/or protect us from various moral weaknesses. Some gemstones are said to help create general "psychic atmospheres" that are more conducive to virtueous actions than evil ones. For example they may absorb and tranmute negative energies into positive. Or they may radiate a peaceful atmosphere into a room etc etc.

If someone truly desired to improve a particular quality within themselves and carried the appropriate gemstones with them then they may help themselves in the admirable goal.

Apart from any inate theraputic vibrations of the gemstone the actual benevolent conscious intent of selecting and carrying an aid helps support that goal. Furthermore the gemstone acts as a memetic device ie it helps remind the carrier of his positive intention. This re-awakens and strengthens the benevolent intention. It may also make the carrier more conscious at key points in time where otherwise they would have acted unconsciously, caught up in a life drama.

You are here: Home location Shamanism and Magick location Gemstones and Character Improvement
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