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How to Help

If you have studied "Inner Medicine" or the other aspects of VirtueScience and are in sympathy with it then please get involved as much as you can. Perhaps together we can make good things happen!

Financial Support

Any amount donated through Paypal to this site will help to maintain and improve

If you buy from Amazon then please click through this site. Everytime someone orders from Amazon through a searchbox or link on Amazon pays me a small affiliate commission.

Spreading The Word

Tell your friends and family about this site.
If you have a website please add a link to this site. You will find suggested linking code at the bottom of every page for that page.
Are you capable of translating "Inner Medicine" into other languages?
When surfing the web, email a link to this site along with your description of it to any websites/individuals who you think may be interested.
Email this Page to Yourself or a Friend If you meet someone who is interested in self development etc, mention the new to them.
Print out copies of "Inner Medicine". Send copies to people (as gifts) who you think would be interested and would benefit.


Become an embodyment of the teachings.
Book mark/favourite
Return to this site often to check for updates.
Print the "Inner Medicine" Text so that you can read it off line.
Set up your own site with a copy of "Inner Medicine" along with your understanding of the subject.
Write your own book on the subject.


Please email me with any information sources such as websites or book details that will help bring VirtueScience forward. Submit an Article for the Guest Essays Section. Contribute facts and theories for the Database of Number Correlations and other similar sections of this site.

Website Maintainance

Have you noticed any broken links or other errors on this site? If so please contact me and I will try and correct them.


Organise local discussion groups on the subject.

Set up internet news groups about VirtueScience.

Other Ways to help?

Can you think of any other ways to help? Please feel free to contact me, Thanks.

You are here: Home location About VirtueScience location How to Help

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