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31 32 33

The Number 32: Properties and Meanings

Prime Factors of 32=2x2x2x2x2.

32 can be Partitioned 8349 ways.

32 can be Partitioned 17 times with each term no larger than 2

32 can be Partitioned 102 times with each term no larger than 3

32 can be Partitioned 351 times with each term no larger than 4

32 can be Partitioned 831 times with each term no larger than 5

30 can be Partitioned 1540 times with each term no larger than 6

The maximal number of regions into which a plane can be divided by 6 circles=32

The 32 crystal classes.

The Icosidodecahedron is an Archimedean Solid with 32 Faces. It has 20 triangles and 12 pentagons.

A Truncated Dodecahedron is an Archimedean Solid with 32 Faces. It has 20 triangles and 12 decogans.

A Truncated Icosahedron is an Archimedean Solid with 32 Faces. It has 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons.

The Chemical Element Germanium has an atomic number of 32.

An adult Human has 32 teeth.

The thirty-two permutations of yin and yang over 5 places.

The 22 paths + the 10 sephitoth of the Tree of life=32.

Each of these ten allowable rotations generates, by itself, a unique point group. In addition, there are 22 possible combinations of rotation operations, giving a total of 32 possible 3-dimensional point groups. Each point group corresponds to different crystal class. Each crystal class places constraints on the axial geometry such that each of these 32 classes may be associated into one of the 7 crystal systems, each having different constraints on the axial lengths and inter-axial angles.

the 10 basic elements can be combined in only 22 ways to produce the 32 crystal classes or point groups.

"It is the number of letters of the alphabet which God would have taught to Adam. Some of them would have been lost. Someone claims indeed that the face of God would be formed of 32 letters which all were not discovered, nor deciphered and ordered. If that had been the case, the man would have found his dignity of the son of God. The Gospels have succeeded to decipher 24 letters, the Pentateuch 22 and the Koran 28."

The Year 32 AD

In the year 32 AD: a symbolic interpretation of the OT by Philo (Allegory).

In the year 32 AD Otho, Roman emperor was born.

31 32 33
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