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The Number 503: Properties and Meanings

503 is a Prime Number.

The Year 503 AD

In the year 503 AD the Scots, who had been colonising the western part of Scotland for nearly two centuries, arrived under Fergus MacErc and his brothers Lorn and Angus and established the kingdom of Dal Riata in Argyll( Earra-ghaidheal, Argyll, means coastland of the Gael).

In the year 503 AD: "After Lughaidh, son of Laeghaire, had been twenty five years in the sovereignty of Ireland, he was killed at Achadh Farcha, being struck by a flash of lightning, by the miracles of God, on account of the insult which he had offered to Patrick. Eochaidh, son of Muireadhach Muindearg, King of Uladh, also died in this year."

In the year 503 AD Emperor Wu of Chen was born.

<502 Number Data-Base
Random Number

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