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<415 Number Data-Base
Random Number Random Number Random Number

The Number 416: Properties and Meanings

Prime Factors of 416=2x2x2x2x2x5.



"In the trees of Beinecke 416 chief virtues and vices are linked to subordinate traits, helping the viewer to explain the connections between good and evil qualities. In this framework, minor sins were associated with greater vices and good qualities with principal virtues."

416 is a nickname for Toronto, based on its area code.

416 is the HTTP status code for "Requested Range Not Satisfiable".

The Year 416 AD

In the year 416 AD Krakatoa erupted, according to the Javanese Book of Kings (Pustaka Raja).

In the year 416 AD Huiyuan, Buddhist teacher and founder of the Donglin Temple, died.

<415 Number Data-Base
Random Number Random Number Random Number

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