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5 Modules on Reality

Module 1: The Nature of Truth

Beliefs are somewhat hierarchical in that slight errors in very abstract concepts can be the crooked foundation for more concrete everyday beliefs.

Although most people like to think they are rational there are often personal blind spots and inner biases. It can be hard to convince people of certain truths when those truths seem to be contradicting more abstract semi-conscious beliefs.

So to help align people towards truth I put an initial focus on the transcendental nature of mathematical facts. Once understood this then becomes a sound foundation for later stages.

Mathematical Facts are Transcendental
The infinite number of mathematical facts were not created by any god, big bang or human mind. Such truths simply cannot be any other way and are intrinsic to Reality.

Some people believe a God must have created the beautiful mathematical facts. That is not possible as the facts are not created objects and cannot be any other way. This is not saying whether there is a God or not. It is only saying that no God could change eternal truth.

Other people confuse our man-made conceptual mathematical 'maps' with the eternal 'territory' that they describe.

Mathematical and geometric truths such as that there can only be 5 platonic solids etc determine how atoms can be arranged in space for example and were clearly true before humans. They are *discovered* not created by the human mind.Only our conceptual maps, descriptions and tools are created not the pre-existing facts.

The Cannonball Number Example
Have you heard of the cannonball number? Apparently there is only one number which can be square pyramidal and square: 4900. Look it up. Us humans have proven this mathematically. Apart from the trivial 1 no other number in all infinity has this property.

Now billions of years before or after humans it is still true, it is a timeless fact. It is 'there' to be discovered anywhere in time and space.

It does not need 4900 cannon balls to make it true and it is not magically affected by us mere humans being aware of it or not.

Why say the Mathematical Facts are 'Transcendental'?
Mathematical truths have no substance so we cannot simply say they exist. On the other hand they can be discovered and order reality and so we cannot simply say they do not exist. The mathematical truths transcend the categories of both existence and non-existence.

They were not created and have always been true and always will be. They are true at all times and are changeless. Thus they transcend time.

They are true everywhere and nowhere. Thus they transcend space.

What about other Dimensions?
As for 'dimensions': with spacial dimensions these are themselves mathematical/geometric and within the universal mathematics. Consider the infinite series of n-dimensional hypercubes or n-dimensional simplexes. Any dimension above 3D is still in accordance with mathematical facts. Also of course if any particular dimension is considered eg 5 dimensional space then by definition Number is needed to define it.

Sometimes by 'other dimensions' people mean higher frequency subtle planes. Any such theoretical 'dimension' must still be in accord with mathematical facts. Any phenomenon which is vibrational is governed by harmonics and ratios etc which are not changing no matter the frequency.

Look at this way also: the ultimate theoretical simplicity is non-duality/advaita. That is a simple and universal. There cannot be anything simpler by definition.

Apart from simple non-duality there is duality. All other possible complex ways of describing reality, any possible reality must be at least dualistic ie 2. From that there is a mathematical progression of permutations.

The Hierarchy of the Sciences
Have you heard of the hierarchy of the sciences? In a way: Biology depends on chemistry but chemistry does not depend on biology. Chemistry depends on physics but physics does not depend on chemistry. Physics depends on mathematics but mathematics does not depend on physics or anything else. It simply is and cannot be any other way.

This helps to show that no physical or mental process can affect the mathematical facts.

What About Multiple Universes?
Mathematical and other transcendental facts are true in any possible universe: the same truths are true in any possible universe.

Multiple universes or not is not really the subject of this Module. I am just saying that 2+2=4 for example is a timeless universal fact. There are an infinite number of other such eternal facts.

Whether there is one 'universe' or many I am just referring to it in totality as 'Reality'. Mathematical facts are inherent to that reality. Even in a hypothetical void the same truths are still 'there' and then if any universe came into being it would have to conform to those mathematical facts. They are there to be discovered.

To clarify: I am not claiming that there are multiple universe or not. I am only saying that if there are hypothetically multiple universes they must all conform to the same universal mathematical and other transcendental truths.

Only as an illustration: consider the many computer games. Many of them may seem to have their own physics and may be programmed in various computer code languages but they are all based on the same mathematical facts..and logic.

There are 2 kinds of truth: transcendental and transient.

A transient truth is particular, has not always been so, can be changed and eventually will not be so.

Transcendental truths are universal, have always been so, cannot be changed and will always be so.

Does Reality have both transcendental and transient truths or only transient particular truths?

There must be universal truths upon which particular truths are based on. You are welcome to share counter-examples.

As an independent truth seeker I find it of great value that we have this solid unshakable base for further investigations.

Mathematical and other transcendental facts are true in any possible universe.

A mathematical fact has no material substance, it is not an energy and is not a process of any kind. Therefore it is completely timeless as true now as it was billions of years ago or will be billions of years in the future.

One of the main reasons I am highlighting the unchanging and universal nature of mathematical facts is to give proper weight to the mathematical/logical diagrams I want to share which offer unique evidence for the non-physical eternal nature of consciousness.

Things to Do
Spend time contemplating that there are an infinite number of unchanging/eternal mathematical truths.
Study mathematical ideas and the properties of numbers.
Realize that you yourself can discover mathematical facts unknown to others and try to do so.

Module 2: The Universal Language

It is not only the mathematical facts which are eternal and transcendental.

Consider the logical operators. All our human languages are describing/using different definitions for the same underlying conceptual patterns. So just as mathematical facts are there to be discovered so are the elemental concepts which make up the countless more complex concepts.

Just as a limited number of chemical elements can form by combination a vast number of compounds so do a limited number of elemental concepts form by combination the vast number of more complex concepts.

If you study a book like the Art of War, just as an example, there will be concepts such as stealth, deception, attack and defense.

Such concepts are universal and are really transcendental patterns of meaning. In the same way that the geometric fact that there are 5 platonic solids is timeless and can be discovered by any theoretical beings with sufficient intelligence so are basic conceptual patterns 'there' to be discovered and then labeled/described by whatever language.

So the various human languages are like an imperfect and changing froth based on an unchanging transcendental language of meaning.

Concepts are Containers
Imagine you had four identical carrier bags. How many ways are there arranging them within each other? Well within the parameters I am speaking of there are exactly nine possible arrangements: The 9 patterns for 4 conceptual containers

For any number of such containers there are a set number of patterns in which they can be arranged. For example five containers may be arranged in a maximum of twenty such patterns. These "Container Numbers" are related to Rooted Trees (Graph Theory).

A 'concept' may be likened to a container. Think of a concept such as 'cat'. It *contains* all cats.

So think of 4 concepts: table, chair, furniture and apple. Which of the 9 patterns in the diagram corresponds with them? Try a few other sets of 4 concepts and work out which of the 9 patterns they correspond with. After a while you will appreciate that eternal mathematical patterns govern language in this and other ways.

The Origin of Meaning
Things in themselves are entirely empty of meaning. We project meaning onto things dependent on our interpretation of their attributes and our current relationship with them.Take the example of a tree. To a farmer clearing his field a tree would represent *Rubbish*. If you were hiding behind as someone was firing arrows at you it would represent *Shield*. To your attacker it would represent *Obstruction*. To a bird it might represent *Shelter*, to a carpenter *Raw Material*.

These basic concepts: Rubbish, Shield, Obstruction, Shelter and Raw Material are a small unordered number of elemental concepts. They are part of an ordered and symmetrical universal set. I believe that each simple concept has an opposite concept, each pair of concepts has an opposite pair and each group of 4 concepts has an opposite 4 concepts and so on.

There are a set number of simple elemental concepts which make up all other concepts. Each concept has a corresponding partner concept. Each partner concept cancels the other out. All basic concepts together cancel each other out to nothingness. What is this nothingness? It is literally beyond words, beyond concepts and so can not adequately be described on a merely intellectual level.

It is this "meta-concept" from which all meaning arises. All concepts, all meanings are merely fragments of this Universal Concept beyond concepts.

The Universal Conceptual Matrix
Thought Experiments in aid of genuine Universality A tree in itself is empty of meaning. Any meaning it has for some one is entirely subjective-that is, it is projected onto the tree by them semi-consciously from within. It is a temporary relationship"perceived" by them for a limited period of time.

Imagine someone was firing arrows at you but you were safe behind a tree. To you the tree would represent shield. From the tree's hypothetical point of view you would represent the shielded. To your attacker the tree would represent obstruction.

Other examples: if you were a farmer clearing the land it may represent rubbish. To a bird nesting in it it might represent home. Someone with hayfever might see it as mild poison. A builder would see it as raw materials. an insect might see it as food and a "look out" might see it as vantage point.

There are literally countless possible relationships a being may take part in, indeed the whole universe is a vast interconnected web of such relationships. They are however, all permutations of a small number of conceptual primes. These conceptual primes, far from being temporary and subjective are eternal and unchanging just like the laws of mathematics. Not only are they transcultural, they also transcend species: wherever there is dualistic consciousness they are used as a kind of common currency, the very foundation of all communication, internally within a being or externally between beings.

They are an *alphabet of meaning* from which all other conceptual "words" and "phrases" etc are built by combination and permutation.

The last sentence was a key one: It implies that we may utilise the tools of mathematics to map and categorize the concepts.

Distinct levels of Conceptual Complexity
Let us say, hypothetically, that there are 12 conceptual primes: that is 12 concepts which cannot be decomposed into simpler concepts. This would represent the simplest level of conceptual complexity.

The next level of conceptual complexity would contain every conceptual compound composed of exactly two conceptual primes. The next level would contain every conceptual compound composed of exactly 3 conceptual primes.. and so on. The number of compounds at each level is related to the triangular numbers.

In everyday speech and thinking it is usual that elemental concepts and conceptual compounds of varying degrees of complexity are all mixed together in a confusing way. However when we are investigating and trying to differentiate the conceptual elements from the compounds it is useful to try and separate concepts into distinct levels of complexity.

A universal 'language' is inherent to Reality just as are the infinite number of eternal mathematical facts. The virtues/positive qualities also have their transcendental branch in this universal meaning pattern.

Due to the fact that there is a universal language and logic is also universal we can use pure logic to discover eternal truths about Reality. Just as there can be discoveries of mathematical facts there can also be discoveries of eternal logical truths, eternal 'periodic tables' of elemental concepts and eternal relationships and patterns relating to those conceptual elements.

Our human mathematical descriptions are not only describing pre-existing mathematical facts. The descriptions and languages themselves are governed by pre-existing mathematical and logical facts.

Things to Do
Look through a dictionary at random and note various words and their definitions. Look for simple elemental concepts which when combined with other elemental concepts make up more complex compound concepts. Which concepts cannot be broken down into simpler concepts?
Think in terms of opposites. If you think of a simple concept try and work out its opposite and related concepts. Remember though that the opposite of one extreme is another extreme. Don't confuse an 'opposite' with a 'lack'.
look for eternal mathematical and logical principles which are necessarily shared by all languages.

Module 3: The Virtues and Character

The many problems in the world can be likened to branches. If we try and tackle the branches but ignore their root they will keep coming back in one form or another.

The main root of all the problems is in the character of individuals. For example greed, hatred, laziness and so on.

Also, in general, when people debate: the character flaws such as too much pride/arrogance, dishonesty and unhealthy loyalty to long held beliefs etc act as a kind of resistance to objective truth. Furthermore the virtues/positive qualities are respected by both atheists and all the varying theist belief systems. They are like a kind of underlying unifying bridge between all the various belief systems. Their cultivation helps protect people from false beliefs/errors and helps atune them to whatever the Truth may be. It makes people into 'good soil' and so receptive to the highest truths.

It is logical then to study character and the virtues very deeply. If some advances in understanding are made they can have a very positive effect on the root cause of the world problems and thus help uplift humanity.

Are you willing to dedicate your life to the study of the virtues?
Light House

The Virtue Pattern is Transcendental
After studying Module 1 and Module 2 you can now better appreciate that the virtues are eternal and that it is worth deeply investigating their inner structure, patterns and inter-relationships along with methods to heal and uplift character.

The Opposite of a Virtue is Another Virtue
Most people say that the conceptual opposite of bravery is cowardice. According to my discoveries regarding the virtues it is incorrect.

The opposite of one extreme is another extreme.

The opposite of cowardice is recklessness.

Bravery has an opposite/partner virtue: caution.

Every being has bravery/caution within them. If the bravery is repressed then the person falls into the irrational extreme of cowardice.

If the caution is repressed then the person falls into the irrational extreme of recklessness.

Please study the diagram deeply.
Pool Table

Imagine a pool table with only the white ball which is behind the line. The idea of the game is to hit it it with the que so that it comes to rest touching the far cushion.

If a lack of force is used it will not reach the cushion. If too much force is used it will hit the cushion but bounce back. The opposite of too little is too much.

If just the right amount of force is used it can be called strong as it was not lacking in force. At the same time it can be called gentle as there was no excess of force used.

So gentleness and strength are a single simultaneous state. They are opposite/partner virtues. Bravery/Caution are also opposite/partner virtues. The opposite of a virtue is actually another virtue.

Of course there is a bit more to it but this basic pattern applies to many other virtues also. See if you can discover other such virtue pairs.

The 'Inner Medicine' Book
Please study my free short book:
Complete Text of 'Inner Medicine'
It goes into more detail on the virtues and character plus it includes practical inner exercises
to progressively strengthen your positive qualities and heal character. It is a short book and designed to be read multiple times.

You are not Your Character
You are not your character or particular flaws. You are deeper and more innermost than character.

Character Can be Changed
It is definitely possible to correct character flaws and boost your virtues. Believing otherwise is just an obstruction which should be dropped.

All Positive Qualities are within You and within Every Being
If you investigate you will see that you do not lack a single virtue. Any positive quality that you want to boost is already within you and just needs to be awakened to a greater degree.

Each Virtue Supports and is Supported by Every other Virtue
For example ideal bravery must also be humble, kind, determined and patient etc. At the same time those and the other qualities must be brave.

To Uplift One Virtue is to Help Uplift All Virtues
Each virtue is a pathway to perfecting the other virtues. For example as you become more gentle then you begin to refrain from the inner violence of repressing the other virtues. If you become braver then the fear of the repressed aspects of yourself is conquered. If you deep your healthy curiosity then you investigate the virtues and bring them into consciousness.

The Three Poisons Teaching
Study the diagram closely and in relation to the Pool Table Diagram
three poisons

You can see that the top 3 points correspond with the three points of the Pool Table triangle diagram in a logically consistent way.

The Buddha's Three Poisons teaching is very wise and I have verified it with my own work on the virtues.
The three poisons (of ignorance, attachment, and aversion) are said to be the primary causes that keep sentient beings trapped in samsara. These three poisons are said to be the root of all of the other character defilements.

The diagram above shows the 3 poisons as the three lower points of the diamond shaped diagram.

The lowest point: 'Ignorance' is unconscious neutrality. the 2 mid-level points are hatred and greed. They are irrational semi-conscious attractions and repulsions. They correspond with the 2 lower points on the virtue triangle diagram. The highest point in the diamond diagram is a conscious neutrality. It corresponds with the top virtues point in the virtue diagram.

As you can see from the diagram I discovered a link with the 3 Gunas.
Basically the lowest point (ignorance) corresponds with Tamas. The 2 mid-level points (semi-conscious attractions and repulsions) correspond with Rajas. The top point (virtue) corresponds with Sattva.

You can see that my Pool Table virtue diagram is technically incomplete as it is not showing the lowest point (unconsciousness/ignorance/Tamas). It is only showing the Rajas level of the vices/extremes/irrational tendencies which arise in 'semi-consciousness' and the Sattva level of neutral balanced consciousness and the virtues. By 'neutral' in this sense it means neither irrationally attracted or irrationally repulsed. It is the Middle Way between extremes.

The Underlying Logic
underlying logic

The previous diagrams (and more to come in the next Module) actually have this conceptual structure as a foundation.

So for example with the virtue diagram using bravery/caution they are equivalent to A and B. Recklessness could be equivalent to A not B. Cowardice could be equivalent to B not A. It means that someone is repressing one of the 2 partner qualities. Neither A nor B would correspond with a state unconscious of danger or more and so it is in that sense neutral to it. Neither bravery/caution or recklessness/cowardice would be possible.

A very widespread error is thinking that the opposite of a virtue is a vice. Actually the opposite of a virtue is another virtue. A vice is a lack of virtue not its opposite. The opposite of one extreme is another extreme. So the opposite of a 'vice' is another vice. The 2 partner/opposite virtues are a unified simultaneous state, the middle way between extremes.

All virtues are within us but they can be temporarily repressed/obscured. Due to particular experiences and traumas we may develop biases between the virtue partners. We can reintegrate repressed virtues into our everyday lives by loving and accepting them deeply and with the help of other specific techniques.

Things to Do
Make sure that you have read 'Inner Medicine' and experimented with the exercises included within it. Write a long list of virtues down and look up their definitions. Try and arrange them into pairs and find other patterns and groupings. Inwardly praise the virtues within yourself, within others and as abstract positive qualities.

Module 4: The Nature of Consciousness

Introduction What is consciousness? There are many theories but they all fall into 2 main scenarios. The materialists/physicalists believe that consciousness is 'somehow' generated by the chemical elements of the material brain. Basically all other scenarios involve some kind of interface between the physical brain and a non-physical center of consciousness. It is like saying that there is either a 'soul' *or* no soul so it is a binary question ie 2 main scenarios. These 2 scenarios are mutually exclusive. So evidence against one of the scenarios is evidence for the other one. If one is proven wrong then the other must be right.

What Consciousness is Not
To help understand what consciousness is it is essential to understand what consciousness is not.

Once consciousness is more accurately defined many of the mistakes and confusions about it can be identified and discarded.

Consider a security light. it reacts to motion but is 100% unconscious. It cannot Experience. A computer can calculate but it is no more conscious than a simple calculator, an abacus or a pile of rocks. Even the most advanced computer is no more conscious than a pile of rocks. Data processing is not consciousness.

Apart from sci -fi fantasy the graph of computer complexity and consciousness is zero at every point from an abacus all the way up to the most complex supercomputer.

Insentient matter/energy then can be made to react and it can be made to calculate. However reaction/calculation are not consciousness.

Consciousness then is neither reaction nor calculation.

Thoughts, feelings and sensations come and go before an unchanging inner witness. Those perceived phenomenon are not the Perceiver itself.

People confuse the mind with the unchanging Experiencer which is aware of the mind. Thoughts are not consciousness itself. They are perceived objects in consciousness not consciousness itself.

Consciousness is that which is simply *aware* of the thoughts coming and going. It is the same with physical sensations and emotions. They come and go and are perceived by something more fundamental.

A cat can Experience and we can Experience. The Experiencer, the innermost core of consciousness is of the same quality in all beings even animals. It is the cognitive faculties that are different. That in itself shows that levels of intelligence or brain development are not affecting consciousness itself but only the experience.

Sometimes someone may claim that neuroscience has made a particular breakthrough in understanding consciousness and the implication is that the results are confirming materialism. However if we look closely we can see that they are really only talking about a cognitive faculty. Someone claimed that an example of consciousness changing was when colours were perceived differently when viewing a particular optical illusion for the 2nd time. Of course they were confusing the various visual systems with the actual consciousness which witnesses them. We can appreciate this when we consider a blind person. They are just as *conscious* as someone with sight. It means that any change in the visual systems are not changes in consciousness itself. It is the same with other cognitive systems which are often claimed to be consciousness and wrongly used as examples of changes in the physical brain affecting consciousness when the consciousness itself is simply the unchanging Experiencer of all such changes.

If you have a few whiskeys your cognitive faculties are changed. You notice the difference between drunk and sober. That which witnesses the *noticing* of the differences is itself not changing. It is the one common unchanging factor of all the varied experiences whether animal or human.

Consciousness is not the sense of ego self. Some modern theorists may say that consciousness is an illusion because the sense of a ego self is an illusion. The idea that the ego is a kind of delusion has been understood by spiritual experts for thousands of years. It is not the original discovery of modern theorists.

The difference is that spiritual experts understand that the ego is a delusion that is experienced within consciousness. It is not consciousness itself. For there to be an illusion there has to be That which experiences that illusion. Therefore we can understand that consciousness cannot be the ego self or any kind of illusion.

Consider an old style movie projector. The images are changing but they are all illuminated by the unchanging white light at the back of the projector. In the illustration the unchanging white light is the pure consciousness whereas the changing images are like the thoughts, emotions and sensations.

Even the attention which moves from point to point and is attracted or repulsed by various phenomenon is not the pure consciousness which is simply aware of those movements.

Consciousness is not thoughts, feelings or sensations which come and go.
Consciousness is not a cognitive function such as a visual system adjusting and reacting to stimuli.
Consciousness is not the sense of ego self, an illusionary story generated by the material brain.

Consciousness is the unchanging mirrorlike Perceiver, the Experiencer common to all the changing experiences. Any phenomenon observed to change cannot be the Observer itself.

The 2 Main Scenarios: Generation or Interface
There are 2 main scenarios: either the chemical elements of the brain somehow *generate* consciousness or the chemical elements of the brain somehow *interface* with a center of consciousness. The materialists ignore one of these 2 scenarios not due to any evidence but because of philosophical bias.

Those making the claim that the interface model is correct have a burden of proof. At the same time those making the claim that the generation model is correct also have a burden of proof.

To claim that one or the other is the default position and does not require proof is an irrational bias.

No Evidence for the Generation Model?
Materialism makes the fantastic claim that the insentient chemical elements can be made to Experience. What evidence they think they have is actually just as valid for the interface scenario.

How can atoms be made to Experience? Skepticism is a positive quality but it should also be directed at materialism just as much as towards other philosophical positions.

All the medical facts related to the brain are just as applicable to the interface model but due to philosophical bias they are wrongly interpreted by the materialist to support their belief.

The so called evidence is actually just as valid for the interface scenario.

What happens is that due to materialistic bias any neurological facts discovered are often automatically interpreted/*assumed* to confirm the materialist belief system.

Just take a step back and think about it... it is discovered that a certain part of the brain is connected with the 'shutting off' consciousness. This is then paraded as a materialist confirmation when the same fact is actually just as applicable for the interface model. It could be interpreted as the generation of consciousness being disrupted but it could also be interpreted as the interface between the physical brain and the center of consciousness being disrupted.

Many scientists admit they don't understand consciousness. Consciousness is still a great mystery to mainstream science but the impression is also given that they are nevertheless at the forefront of understanding it. Sadly due to the philosophical materialist bias they have been side-tracked. They are often confusing it with the cognitive faculties etc. If you read their works carefully you will see that they are usually talking about other things not the pure consciousness itself.

Many materialists offer the blind assertion: "All evidence points towards the material generation of consciousness". What they say is evidence for the generation model actually that is not so at all.

Actually there is more evidence for the interface scenario.. In fact the interface scenario has evidence which proves materialism wrong whereas the materialism side does not have any evidence that proves the interface model wrong.

The Limitations of Materialistic Science
Frequency Triangle

Please study the diagram. It symbolizes the entire theoretical frequency range. Region 'A' symbolizes what can be currently detected by mainstream scientists with their gross material instruments. It is more likely than not that there are much higher frequencies than can currently be detected. It is in these super higher frequency subtle realms where the spiritual phenomenon is. If it cannot be detected via current scientific instruments then how can we claim that there are these subtle realms?

Some individuals with awakened inner faculties can perceive these higher realms. They can also be logically inferred.

Where as true unbiased science would approach the 2 models (generation vs interface) equally it is the generation model which is getting the vast majority of research money and when neutral facts are discovered they are reported to the public as if they support the generation model when they do not.

All phenomenon must comply to universal natural laws. It means that there is nothing 'supernatural' possible. It is a confusing/unuseful term.

However some phenomenon is beyond that which can currently be detected or explained by mainstream/materialistic science and our limited physical senses. It does not mean that it is 'supernatural'beyond natural laws. It only means that it is beyond the current detection and understanding of those believing in the materialist worldview. Sometimes the term 'supernatural' is used as a kind of insult/straw man logical fallacy against phenomenon which contradicts the beliefs of the materialists.

Consciousness itself is non-material and so a materialist bias in mainstream science is hampering progress and acting as a negative against genuine objective investigation. Between the mundane physical body and transcendental consciousness there is a range of subtle phenomenon beyond the range of detection via gross material instruments. Therefore to study consciousness and the subtle levels logical inference is needed along with the fair consideration of those who may have awakened inner faculties that can perceive those levels.

Whereas true unbiased science would approach the 2 models (generation vs interface) equally it is the generation model which is getting the vast majority of research money and when neutral facts are discovered they are reported to the public as if they support the generation model when they certainly do not.

The Emergence Theory of Consciousness Challenged
One of the main theories of the materialists for want of actual proof is that of 'emergence'.

Emergence is a real phenomenon. However:
every known case of emergence involves 100% unconscious phenomenon emerging from other 100% unconscious phenomenon. 'Emergence' is not a magic pass.

To claim that 100% unconscious phenomenon such as matter/energy can generate the qualitatively different consciousness is a massive unproven leap which lacks proof and evidence. It can be called pseudoscience and has misled millions.

Materialists often call phenomenon which contradicts materialism as pseudoscience. I consider materialism itself as pseudoscience. When they say that consciousness 'emerges' from matter that is an unproven claim which has a burden of proof.

Illustrations Clarifying the Interface Model
Please consider these illustrations:

If a TV is damaged it may affect the picture. If it is more damaged there may be no more picture. However that does not affect the Signal itself does it? It is not to say that Consciousness is a signal. The illustration is just giving a basic sketch of the interface model viewpoint.

Here is a 2nd illustration: Imagine the reflection of the full moon in a bucket of water. If the bucket is kicked the reflection will be disturbed. If it is kicked over then there may be no more reflection. However the moon itself is unaffected.

A third illustration: imagine an old style movie projector. The scene maybe a happy scene or a sad scene, the scene is constantly changing. However it is all illuminated by an unchanging light. The light is not affected by any scene that is projected onto the screen.

If the 100% unconscious bio-computer gross physical brain is damaged it will affect the cognitive functions, the content of Experience. If it is more damaged there maybe no more possibility of interface. However the consciousness itself is no more affected.

Imagine a Google Glass or a VR headset or an Ironman Jarvis type AI. These systems may have their own memory and other faculties. If they are damaged it does not mean that the memory of the user is also lost.

In a similar way the human microcosm has more than one memory system. The physical brain is the most basic and unreliable memory system. It is a vehicle, it is a machine like a google glass. The memory of the physical brain is guaranteed to face total destruction. There are also more subtle memory systems which survive physical death. This has been understood for thousands of years.

The Three Ways Towards Truth
There are three main ways towards truth: direct perception, logical inference and valid testimonies. Ideally all three should be used in conjunction and cross referenced.

Now, by definition those accepting the materialist position can have no direct perceptions say of 'no afterlife' and following on from that there can also be no valid testimonies of there being 'no afterlife'. So all the materialists have is the potential of logical inference to support their position.

On the other hand, at least theoretically, those who accept the interface model have the possibility of direct perceptions of out of body states, past lives and an afterlife state etc as well valid testimonials from others along similar lines. They also have the potential of using logical inference.

So just just on the surface the materialist position is weaker. They have to dismiss all the vast number of testimonials that support the interface model. They have to disempower the value of valid testimonies and direct perceptions because whilst there are countless that support the interface model there can be none which support the generation model.

Valid Testimonies
Just as in a court of law there are different grades of witness, different grades of testimony. Some will be of low value because of past proven lies, ulterior motives, bad character and mental infirmity etc. Other witnesses will be of more value as sharp and reliable witnesses of sound mind and fine character.

As for testimonies which support some kind of afterlife scenario some will be deliberate deceptions, some will be delusions and mistakes. However some are genuine and worthy of study. Some have third party verifications.

Throughout human history there are many testimonials indicating that the interface model is a certain fact.

Testimony is considered the weakest of the three ways towards truth. As I have said all three ways should be used in conjunction.

We live in a world where there are many deluded people and also many deceptive people in varying degrees. Great discernment is needed.

Testimonies should be cross-referenced and studied deeply neither rejected blindly or accepted blindly. An understanding of the underlying principles with logical inference is needed as a check.

Near Death Out of Body Experiences Verified

Please read these two accounts carefully:

"One patient had a conventional out of body experience. He reported being able to watch and recall events during the time of his cardiac arrest. His claims were confirmed by hospital personnel. "This did not appear consistent with hallucinatory or illusory experiences, as the recollections were compatible with real and verifiable rather than imagined events"


"One of the two patients was too sick and the accuracy of her recount could not be verified. For the second patient, however, it was possible to verify the accuracy of the experience and to show that awareness occurred paradoxically some minutes after the heart stopped, at a time when "the brain ordinarily stops functioning and cortical activity becomes isoelectric." The experience was not compatible with an illusion, imaginary event or hallucination since visual (other than of ceiling shelves' images) and auditory awareness could be corroborated"

Please note: "This did not appear consistent with hallucinatory or illusory experiences, as the recollections were compatible with real and verifiable rather than imagined events" and "The experience was not compatible with an illusion, imaginary event or hallucination since visual (other than of ceiling shelves' images) and auditory awareness could be corroborated"

It means that the out of body experiences reported were verified by medical staff and other people. This rules out the materialistic view that the material brain is generating consciousness as there was conscious experience from outside the physical brain validated by other people as well as being reported by the experiencer. There is another form of verification also: certain people with awakened inner faculties can perceive subtle forms floating above the recently dead etc.

Such evidence is consistent with the interface model which sees the physical body/brain as a temporary vehicle interfacing with a center of consciousness. The evidence contradicts the materialist generation model of consciousness.

To say that the vivid experiences of people experiencing floating out of their physical body is just caused by random neural firings at the time of death is grasping at straws. Especially when what was reported by the patient was verified by medical staff ruling out hallucination. They saw things from an elevated view looking down from above their deeply unconscious body.

Direct Perception
Your brain chemistry and mood may change and influence each other but What perceives those changes?

Here is a thought experiment: can you share with me any example in your experience where the inner witness changed?

For example let's say you drink a few whiskeys. Your cognitive functioning and experience change, you feel different. *That* within you which perceives the difference in mental states between sobriety and drunkenness itself has not changed. It is more like a flawless mirror reflecting the passing mental phenomenon.

Share an example of that Perceiver changing in your experience if you can..

In your own experience your consciousness itself has never changed. Any perceived change cannot be the pure perceiver itself.

Remember that whatsoever experiences you have had from your earliest memory till now, whether a mundane experience or a spiritual type experience, the Experiencer, the primordial Awareness is present unchanging in all of them. It is self evident.

That which is changeless is timeless/eternal. It is you the Experiencer!

Your cognitive faculties are obviously much greater than that of say a cat. However both you and a cat Experience. You both witness.

The simple witness is not changing or developing whether throughout our lives or within different species. It is simply witnessing. It is a unique phenomenon, a fundamental. It is quite different from the various cognitive faculties that it illuminates.

Apparent Unconsciousness is Actually a Period of Time of Which there are No Memories Accessible Still a doubt remains: what about the apparent periods of unconsciousness such as in deep sleep? Surely that is an example of consciousness changing?

Have you ever woken up and from your subjective view you had been unconscious all night? Then later in the day you remember a dream you had been experiencing: it means that you had been experiencing after all.

This proves that a period of what seems like complete unconsciousness can actually just be a period where the memories are not accessible.

So we should not confuse a period of no accessible memories with a period of unconsciousness. When the 100% unconscious bio-computer brain sleeps the consciousness retreats inwards to more subtle realms. The consciousness is still witnessing but the subtle memories do not leave much trace in the physical brain.

In deep dreamless sleep the experiences are even more subtle and the memories are not accessible to the everyday mind. However some spiritual masters claim to be conscious uninterruptedly through even deep sleep.

Logical Inference
One of the biggest logical fallacies of the materialists is to not understand that: correlation does not equal causation. Just because the physical brain is associated with consciousness we should not assume that it has generated it. Interface between the brain and consciousness is a valid option.

Please study the diagram which you can see shares the same logical structure as the earlier diagrams: hpg85drmp7eo9mzt.png Many theists believe that matter was created by god (a consciousness). They have no evidence for that belief.

The materialists believe that consciousness is generated by matter. There is no evidence for that either.

If we look at these 2 positions we can see that they are like mirror images of each other: they are conceptual opposites on the same level of error.

The balanced rational view is that neither created the other, they are qualitatively different. If neither created the other then they are each fundamental co-eternal aspects of reality: primordial consciousness and primordial matter.

Recalling the diagrams from the earlier modules we can see that both materialism (mater generating consciousness) and the view that a God (consciousness) created matter are conceptually at the same Rajas level of incomplete understanding/error.

The balanced view that primordial consciousness and primordial matter are co-eternal is at the level of Sattva/true knowledge/understanding.

Three Scenarios

It is also more logical and in accordance with Occam's razor:
"Occam's razor (or Ockham's razor) is a principle from philosophy. Suppose there exist two explanations for an occurrence. In this case the one that requires the least speculation is usually correct. Another way of saying it is that the more assumptions you have to make, the more unlikely an explanation." The balanced view that neither matter nor consciousness created the other requires the least speculation.

The impossible leap of complete unlikes creating the other is not needed when it is understood that primordial matter and primordial consciousness are primordial uncreated aspects of Reality.

By primordial matter I am not referring to atoms or other constructs. Primordial matter is the most subtle undifferentiated broken down matter/energy possible. Much more subtle than can be detected by modern day scientists with their gross material instruments. Even the most subtle spiritual bodies/higher realms are not as subtle as this universal substance.

Possibly atoms, the material universe, the living systems have had some level of conscious design put into them/were somehow created but the Universal Substance itself can never have been created or be destroyed. Whether there is such creation or not is a separate question not covered in this course.

It is a self evident fact that you are conscious and that there is matter/energy. The balanced view is that neither created the other: they are co-eternal aspects of reality, qualitatively different.

You can see that the triangle diagram showing the relative philosophical positions of [God creating matter], [matter creating consciousness] and [consciousness and matter are co-eternal] is consistent with the fundamental AB diamond diagram. However what would be the philosophical position represented by the lower point missing from the triangle diagram?

Please Note
That in the earlier modules we established that the Universal transcendental truths are eternal unchanging and primordial. We have now established that primordial consciousness and primordial matter are also uncreated and co-eternal. Truth, Matter and Consciousness can be identified as Three eternal Primordials.

Unchanging Consciousness or Levels of Consciousness?
Although we talk of different levels of consciousness or development of consciousness that is only one side of the coin.

Although consciousness can be said to be changing and of various levels etc they are all really the contents of consciousness. The actual consciousness, the pure consciousness is the same in both humans and animals. The pure center of consciousness seems to be slowly becoming liberated from subtle matter.

Historical Context
The insight that matter and consciousness are co-eternal is based in large part on the ancient pre-Buddhist philosophy of Samkhya and also the religion of Jainism. Sincere truth seekers should investigate both Samkhya and Jainism in the light of the ideas in these modules.

Consciousness/Matter Dualism is Not Mind/Matter Dualism
Mind/matter substance dualism is faulty and different from matter/unchanging consciousness dualism.

As with materialism mind/matter dualism is based on making elemental errors in defining pure consciousness. It is similarly based on ignorance of the subtle levels of matter which are beyond physical detection. Any problems and weaknesses with mind/matter dualism are not necessarily present with consciousness/matter dualism.

To understand consciousness we have to understand what it is not. By properly differentiating it from the cognitive faculties we can better comprehend actual pure consciousness.

In earlier modules it was shown that the mathematical facts and other truths were eternal and immaterial transcending the categories of mere existence and mere non-existence. Although they have no material substance we know of them as they can be discovered.

Consciousness is known to Be not because it can be discovered but because it itself is the foundation of knowing. That you are conscious is the most self evident fact. That you are pure consciousness has been intellectually explained in this module. However to intellectually understand that you are pure consciousness and as such eternal/transcendental and immaterial is not the same as true self realization and liberation. Intellectual understanding is a powerful aid but to really get to the root of false identifications with matter needs a deeper focus than the intellectual level. in the next and final module: Module 5 we can explore the nature of spiritual liberation and the techniques to realize it.

Things to Do
Be your own lab. Look within and differentiate between the changing thoughts, feelings and sensations etc and the unchanging witness of those phenomenon Keep up to date with the latest neurological science but keep in mind that there may be a bias interpretation and they may be talking about cognitive functions rather than actual consciousness. Study the teachings of spiritual masters such as Sri Ramana

Module 5: Spiritual Liberation

From the earlier modules we can at least intellectually understand that our true nature is pure eternal consciousness. However that can only be an aid to spiritual liberation. Intellectual understanding on its own is not enough for the ultimate goal. You can have an intellectual understanding of a delusion but that surface level may not be enough to uproot the delusion. From ancient times specific methods have been used to uproot delusion. This is also related to the doctrine of reincarnation and becoming free from the cycle of falling into material existence and suffering.

The Ultimate Goal
The Ultimate goal is to be completely free of delusion, defilements and suffering. Our real nature is pure and complete consciousness. This consciousness free from ignorance and desires is inherently blissful, without a tinge of sorrow.

Three Profound Techniques
In this module I will focus on three profound interrelated techniques which can be said to be of ancient origin but more accurately they are eternal universal techniques.

three methods

They can be worked out through the study of the diamond logic diagram and the other work on the virtues. The inherent pattern shows one of the three techniques is superior to the other 2 although all three are of great value.

Neti Neti
Neti Neti means 'not this not this'. The idea is to observe a phenomenon which we usually falsely identify with as Self such as the physical body and say within: "Not This, Not This". It is an inward denial of the particular delusion and progressively frees you from it.

False identifications can be categorised roughly as gross, intermediate and subtle. Gross misidentifications are for example the physical body, instincts or our name. Intermediate false identifications are the instincts, emotions, memories, intellect and so on. Subtle misidentifications may be the moving attention, subtle bodies/soul vehicle and so on including aspects which may be beyond our human language to describe.

Neti Neti can be used as a general statement with the understanding that we are not anything that we perceive as we are the the Perceiver only. Or we can focus on particular phenomenon.We can start by dis-identifying with the gross and move progressively to more and more subtle. We can try starting with very subtle phenomenon and move down to more and more physical obvious misidentifications. We can use neti neti to deeply realize that we are not any defilements, vices or character flaws and thus helping them dissolve away within our everyday lives. At a deeper level we can realize that our true nature is beyond particular virtues also...

We are not our character or ego. We are not our particular story. Even our virtues we are essentially beyond. It is right to awaken and strengthen the virtues within us. However it is useful to also understand the natural state beyond the virtues.

For example bravery is a virtue. It is a kind of rational balanced resistance against fears. Beyond bravery though is the natural and unshakable 'fearlessness' of pure consciousness.

The 'I am That' Method
Conceptually opposite to neti neti is the 'I am That' method. One keeps in mind that they are essentially pure consciousness. It is an affirmation of what we are in distinction from neti neti which is a denial of what we are not. We can inwardly repeat 'I am That' meaning the pure consciousness free from all false identifications. A variation is to keep focused on the 'I am'. With dedication the false identifications fall away and self realization occurs.

“If you hold this feeling of ‘I’ long enough and strongly enough, the false ‘I’ will vanish leaving only the unbroken awareness of the real, immanent ‘I’, consciousness itself”
― Ramana Maharshi

Self Enquiry
Self enquiry is inwardly asking the question: "Who Am I?". It is simply keeping focused on that question and letting it penetrate to the depths of our minds. Self enquiry, as a question, is neither negation or affirmation and is the higher/most balanced of the three techniques.

“The enquiry ‘Who am I?’ is the principal means to the removal of all misery and the attainment of the supreme bliss.”
― Ramana Maharshi

In everyday life and language the diamond logic pattern shows that our words fall into 4 universal categories: nonsense/noise/meaningless words which are positioned at the lowest point of the diagram.

Affirmative and negating statements which are positioned in the Rajas level.

Questions which are placed at the top point, the Sattva level.

of course within these 4 categories of speech there are levels within levels. Of course there can be a range of levels in each of the 4 main categories. There can be Tamas, Rajas and Sattva questions, affirmations and denials.

Modes of Speech

Although the 'neti neti' and 'I am that' methods are placed on the Rajas level they are the purest most spiritual statements of that level.

In our everyday lives we have enmeshed ourselves with millions of false identifications and misunderstandings about our true nature. These false identifications are a complex mix of affirmations and denials about Self. These are not just a massive accumulation of such unhelpful affirmations and negations. They are continually being produced and strengthened with our every unwise thought and statement.

Neti, Neti and 'I am That' methods help to clear away those false identifications so that the truth is revealed. However: how they are formulated and inwardly declared will not be absolutely perfect. There can still be unhelpful affirmations and denials accidentally mixed in due to our ignorance and remaining defilements. Subtle identifications beyond our everyday language may be missed by our Neti Neti practice. False notions of the true nature of consciousness may somewhat warp our 'I am That' practice.

Therefore Self Enquiry is considered the superior and final method.

three methods

Whilst Self Enquiry is being sincerely done there are no affirmative or negating statements being produced or strengthened by the mind. The focus is on the pure Sattva question of "Who Am I?" and so the mind is purified moment by moment.

General Tips
A kind compassionate diet refraining from meat eating.

Avoid recreational drugs which can damage the inner mechanism and weaken psic defences.

Start with set practice times where you are in a quiet environment but aim to inwardly practice the three techniques at all times.

Associate with pure and wise beings and especially those who have already attained self realization.

Things to Do
Study and work with the Neti Neti technique
Study and work with the I am That technique
Study and work with Self Enquiry

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