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The Coming Concept Age

In the Information Age a vast amount of unstructured and semi-structured information + "noise" (ie rubbish) is available to us via the internet and other sources such as tv, radio, newspapers books and the people around us.

For example if someone looked up on the internet "wise words, parables and sayings" they would be confronted with a vast number of individual sayings, ragged lists, essays and irrelevant information.

If we take this group of lists etc as a whole we see there is unnecessary repetition, no useful order, missing concepts and so on. This is analogous to having a large box of various jigsaw pieces all jumbled up. In the box there are false pieces, pieces from other jigsaws, unnecessary copys of pieces of the relevant jigsaw and some needed pieces will be missing.

As the Concept Age dawns these lists and so on will slowly come together, the rubbish will fall away and a beautiful and useful pattern will emerge. This is analogous to the jigsaw, whole and completed, free from all any unnecessary copies or irrelevant rubbish.

This will come about naturally to some extent as a result of so much information being available to everyone, in such a fast and easy way. When the phenomena is recognized the rate of change will accelerate as far thinking individuals make conscious efforts to help the conceptual matrix emerge.

I am not saying that the old web of confusion, variety and disorder will fade away (although it may in the far far future). I envisage the old web as an outer web, a rough bubbling froth from which the new conceptual web will slowly be revealed in all it's symmetrical beauty and utility.

In the beginning phases, certain sets of knowledge will begin to order themselves more and more until a symmetrical and universal pattern begins to show itself. These islands of order in the chaos will begin to pop up and grow larger more and more. They will begin to connect together and will be recognized as a kind of inner web, or universal matrix, a matrix that has been discovered and not arbitrarily constructed.

I feel that there are particular areas of knowledge that would help adolescent humanity greatly if they were raised to a purer conceptual level. These are the virtues and vices, a knowledge of which is greatly beneficial for character improvement, logic and logical fallacies, knowledge of which is greatly beneficial for wise decision making/protection from falsehood etc and military tactics, knowledge of which will help protect the emerging civilization/individual.

Remember that "knowledge", in the context that I am using, is of a kind deeper and more universal than that which is more commonly understood.

The very beginnings of this knowledge can be found throughout this site.

There is a deep and surprising connection between Conceptual Science and Mathematics some of which you can find here:
The Esoteric Section

You are here: Home location Conceptual Science location The Coming Concept Age

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