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Aisha Naomi Raphael. "Aisha is a Self-realized woman living in Denmark. At the age of 25 she went through an extreme spiritual awakening. Through a body extremely affected by the surrender, her Self blossomed to integrate the power of Love into her heart and soul. Turning from a successful businesswoman into one of Gods Great Lovers, Aisha followed only the voice in her heart - finding her Self. Still she is living in total obedience of the voice in her heart, surrendering her Self deeper and deeper into the fire of Love... The Truth was completely unknown to Aisha, when she was pulled into the extreme spiritual proces. Never having read a book on spirituality, followed any religion or tradition of spiritual enlightenment, she is the proof that Love happens from within. As a spiritual teacher and powerful healer, Aisha is travelling the world uniting hearts with True Love – the being of Oneness. When a heart wants to be free and with True Love, Aisha can show the way to the Self – to True Love, the absolute freedom in Life. "


"My heart is in constant prayer... My Soul in constant Fire... I want anyone... Everyone... to step into this circle of Fire with me. To be bathed in Grace. To be swallowed by Light. To be lived by God"

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You are here: Home location Spiritual Development location Guides, Gurus and God-Beings location Aisha
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