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Formerly Aziz Kristof. A Non-traditional Advaita Zen Master, originally from Poland. Has travelled all round the world. "The teaching of Anadi reveals a breakthrough vision of human enlightenment based on multidimensional evolution into wholeness and transcendence."


"Although the realization of wholeness is unique for each individual, the awakening of the inner state is the existential foundation all souls require to become whole, for it is only by expanding into the states beyond the mind that the soul actualizes her multifaceted existence beyond the limits of her human identity. Abiding in the inner realm, she gradually merges with the timeless ground of existence, the womb from which she gives birth to her complete presence. We cannot even speak about wholeness and soul-realization in separation from this idea of the unity of the soul with the absolute reality. It is by the power of her union with the supreme self that the soul finally awakens the true identity of her ultimate subjectivity."

"This teaching is unique in that it does not view enlightenment as the static climax of spiritual evolution, but as an eternally expanding evolutionary movement of intelligence and consciousness bound to our individual potential and spiritual destiny. Enlightenment is not a uniform state, but a realm of entry into ever-growing unity with the heart of creation unique for each soul. Although rooted in the inner realm of universal subjectivity, the enlightened reality can only be accessed through the awakening of our individual subjectivity; the presence of the personal I am is what makes the awakening to the ultimate possible. It is our individual essence that journeys through the organic process of evolution, progressively shifting through the states of awakening and levels of surrender that lead us ever-deeper into the supreme beyond."

"In the profound realization of the absolute, the soul transcends the fluctuations in her experience of being and moves into a state of unbroken rest. In the pure rest of the absolute the complete immobility of being reflects the perfection of universal stillness. The absolute state represents our union with the unborn, uncreated source. It is the ground of oneness through which we reach unconditional absorption in the beyond."

"Because we are born into the dimension of forgetfulness, we are constantly being diverted as we move towards truth, pulled by forces of unconsciousness that would hamper our evolution or even jeopardize our awakening. Whenever there is progression towards light and truth, opposing forces and energies are present as well."

"The responsibility of an intelligent teacher is to precisely describe the nature of enlightenment and the multidimensional reality of the path, and to dispel the various misconceptions and myths of self-realization."

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