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Artificial Lakes and the Pyramids

I believe that there was a golden age in the ancient past and that the ancients had a much greater knowledge plus ability than many think. So I was interested to receive this email from a reasearcher into ancient artificial lakes and the pyramids.

Hi James,

That's a really cool and useful website you got.

I canvassed a bit and thought you might be interested of that one.

Two years ago, while using google maps, I noticed two lakes are in symmetric position from Egypt: lake victoria at the equator and lake ladoga in Russia.

The symmetry was so obvious and apparent that, knowing already what I will find, I decided anyway to zoom in on the central point in Egypt.

And guess what we find there: Giza pyramids.

I was not convinced as the official story on giza is that the pyramids were built by pharaoh as tombs. so I decided to move further: instead of google maps, use google earth, buy an inflatable globe and some tapes.

And I obtain more than I bargain for:


A technologic prowess that saved the planet but not the engineers behind, as the great flood occured (result of the ice caps melting).

How many lakes? I've been able to "discover" a good dozen scattered all over the world:

ladoga, victoria, durban harbour, balbina in brazil, poso in indonesia, titicaca, paracel, cenotes of the yucatan...

Allow me to give you an example, the one of the meridian crossing giza.

The merididan is a circle running north to south poles (by the way, it's Pi that brought me to your website). And on the one crossing giza, 31 degrees east of greenwich, they positioned the lakes at specific location like a clock:

-north and south poles respectively at 12 and 6 o'clock

-giza at 3 o'clock

-lake ladoga at 1

-victoria at 3

-durban harbour at 4

It's not easy to explain it in words only, so please, will you help yourself by visiting the utube account picasscalfa (apologies if I don't put the web link, the reason being webmasters often treat mails with web links as spam or potential threat). There you will be able to view a 4 parts video title THE BLUE-TIFUL SECRET OF THE PYRAMIDS exposing that huge subject with clear drawings.

My best regards.


Check out his YouTube Channel here:

Here are some of his videos:

I personally do not fully understand the theories shared above but I think that they are definitely worthy of further study. If you have some additional insights into this subject then please contact me with details.

You are here: Home location Mysteries of the World location Artificial Lakes and the Pyramids
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