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Ban Ironing

millions of people all round the world wasting time and energy

Ironing clothes with electric irons is unnecessary, unnatural and bad for the environment. Manufacturing them, transporting them and running them all produce a carbon footprint that could be totally avoided. In the idealized world "irons" would not exist.

a symbol of ironing's carbon footprint?

Many people loathe having to iron. This is because there is something in them that rebels at the utter pointlessness of the exercise. The purpose of ironing in the human world is supposedly for vanity. Does clothing really look worse with a few creases on it or is it a myth that is so prevelant that individuals automatically believe it without thinking about it for themselves? And if someone does give up ironing they are often straight away condemned as lazy and scruffy. Maybe they have actually been doing something useful rather than using electricity to *temporarily* straighten the threads of their clothing.

Awaken from your brainwashing and recycle your irons into something more useful!

Clothing could and should be designed so that they always look absolutely fine without ever having to encounter an iron. I am not talking about developing artificial fibres or coating the fibres with some kind of no-iron chemical although they may play some part in the revolution. I am talking about the actual design and weave of the clothing. There are countless ways where experts in fashion can design and make clothing look great without the need to ever iron them.

Maybe with nano-technology it will be possible to create fibres that de-crease when exposed to sunlight. Solar powered "smart" clothing maybe just round the corner!

After the occurrence of many nature related disasters more and more people will begin to think again about obsolete practices that contribute towards global warming and other problems. The days of ironing are numbered.

You are here: Home location Living Space / Environmental location Ban Ironing!

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