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Character / Virtues VirtueScience is the deep study of character-the virtues and vices. It is concerned with understanding the mechanism of character change so that it may be harnessed for the good of the individual and society. It recognizes a symmetrical matrix of virtues which can be used as an ideal transcultural blueprint for character.
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Benevolence Quotes

"Upon the whole, then it seems undeniable, that nothing can bestow more merit on any human creature than the sentiment of benevolence in an eminent degree; and that a part at least of its merit arises from its tendency to promote the interests of our"
David Hume

"Please bless us with benevolence and keep us away from miserliness."
Rig Veda

"A benevolent mind, and the face assumes the patterns of benevolence. An evil mind, then an evil face."
Jimmy Sangster

"To remove ignorance is an important branch of benevolence."
Ann Plato

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Benevolence Definition: The disposition to do good.

Etymology of 'Benevolence'
c.1400, "disposition to do good," from Old French benivolence and directly from Latin benevolentia "good feeling, good will, kindness," from bene "well"

Positive Suggestions: "Awaken your natural Benevolence"
"Perfect Benevolence is within you"
"Allow yourself to feel Benovelent now"
"Accept Benevolence"
"Trust in your Benevolence"

You are here: Home location Character Improvement location Virtue List location Benevolence
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VirtueScience is a unique philosophy and set of tools which I have developed over many years. It combines deep new insights with ancient wisdom.
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