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Brian Qara

Brian Qara

"In 1996, an experience of divine communion in Joshua Tree Desert inspired Brian to seek truth.

In 1999, he was randomly given an old Osho book. Sitting and meditating without the expectation of what would come next, he fell past the bliss and into full awareness. Deeply touched by Osho as his teacher, Brian realized the Tao. He spent the next two years in total let go, meditating for hours a day, deeply immersed in this non-separate realization.

Although he knew he was awareness itself, there was still a thread of re-identification with a seeking mind. He still struggled with the dynamic between doing and being, filled with authentic realizations and spiritual understandings he was without a true living teacher to turn to. “I just wanted a living enlightened teacher who could tell me yes or no. I knew all that was left was to let go more.”

In January 2001 Brian prayed for a living enlightened teacher that could help him. His prayer was answered that month as he found that Gangaji (an American born spiritual teacher) was coming to Los Angeles. Brian put aside all teaching – if he was to share in the future the teaching had to be completely pure. In his time with Gangaji the last layers of misidentification, spiritual concepts, and arrogance fell to the side as he finally stopped – called of all searching and fell into deep silence. It was the complete end of the illusion of separation and the full realization of the limitless nature of all. He took on the name Qara – a name that had come to him years before in a mystical experience. Gangaji confirmed the purity of the transmission from Brian Qara and gave her blessing for him to share this invitation with you."


“In the continual search for happiness, peace, and enlightenment, what has been overlooked is the choice to truly STOP. Stop all movement toward or away or against, stop the thinking of your story, and in an instant the truth of oneself as eternal peace is revealed. Then is the possibility to have life live you not a you trying to live life.

"Beyond any conceptualization of mind you find that you are love itself. You are what you have been searching for in all other things. You are joy. You are happiness. And no “thing” but NOW is needed for fulfillment. And since now is always here, who you are is always fulfilled. In fact you realize the self that you are has always been free. You awaken from the dream of suffering, of maintaining, of resistance and rest as infinite PEACE.”

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You are here: Home location Spiritual Development location Guides, Gurus and God-Beings location Brian Qara

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