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Conceptual Science Links

The Logic Alphabet Project The task of constructing the Logic Alphabet is part of a longstanding project initated by Zellweger. This project comes under the general area now called "sign factors engineering." It could also be called "cognitive ergonomics."
Aust Austhink is a critical thinking research, training and consulting group specializing in complex reasoning and argumentation.
Reazon!able Reasonable is the award-winning, revolutionary new software for reasoning. DebateMapper is a new software application designed to help address this problem. Fully web-enabled, it allows global communities of users to collaborate in building and evaluating large-scale diagrammatic representations, termed Argument Maps, of the structure of complex controversies.
Steve Palmquist's web site Articles on the Geometry of Logic

You are here: Index location Conceptual Science location Conceptual Science Links

Hi, I am James Barton the founder of VirtueScience and Author of "Inner Medicine" which details my discoveries regarding the virtues along with practical exercises to awaken natural virtue. I have a wide range of interests but the main focus of this site now is the virtues and character. Please join free to contribute to the blogs and forums.

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