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$1000(US) reward for the first person to contact me with the solution to VirtueScience Cipher 2
17th of August 2012 is the deadline for this challenge!


Here is a code that I created which was broken fairly quickly by a colleague: A clue to the first code
VirtueScience Cipher 1
202022012000020100200201202000121012200201120112 000202120000010120112202001010202000111012 000212100202022000202022012000201120110210 2021001201120002121001101100002000120100121002110 120000010000100012010220001212001002220120000002012 0221001122100020202201200011010002001 20000011120110002020120010100221001120212010001200200002012 00100000200001111001112001000111 001022001200201022100

The cube diagram is a clue. Can you crack this code? The above code was first published in my free book: "Opportunity Magnet 101". Please feel free to contact me if you can crack it or have any questions and comments.

Quite a while after the first code I had an idea for a new kind of cryptography. Well it appears to me that it is a new kind... experts may be able to crack it easily. Perhaps you can recognize it as based on existing work which I did not know about? In my understanding it could be very difficult to crack even by the most advanced computers. It seems that such computers will be helpless against this code unless a human first recognizes the secret principle... only then might it be possible to use computers to speed up the deciphering.

The example presented here(VirtueScience Cipher 2) is I suppose mid-range in the possible difficulty range for this new kind of code: in that I have taken some care to conceal the method but on the other hand there seems to be various extra steps I could have taken to make the cracking much harder and more time consuming.

$1000(US) reward for the first person to contact me with the solution to VirtueScience Cipher 2
17th of August 2012 is the deadline for this challenge!

A new kind of Cryptography?
VirtueScience Cipher 2
animal, mammal, rodent, mouse, Rat, animal, mammal, Rodent, cat, Fish, Dog, crow, Mammals, hamster, rodent, Tiger, fish, trout, bird, tiger, birds, owls, nightingale, dog, snake, mouse, Rat, Tiger, mammal, dog, poodle, rat, Fish, pike, mammal, wolf, fish, perch, pike, trout, mammal, Dog, vertebrate, Dragonfly, Cats, Fish, badger, wolf, birds, crows, ants, worms, duck, creature, birds, mallard, Vertebrate, mammal, lion, Cats, Apple, Oak, sycamore, trout, eel, organism, fish, moray, Tiger, leopard, fish, cat, Eel, starfish, panther, Owl, chicken, plant, duck, dog, Fish, eel, carp, halibut, pike, fish, Salmon, perch, Organism, fish, Cod, eel, ants, Insects, fly, oak, mammal, badger, sloth, lizard, frog, Tortoise, lizard, Wolf, reptile, Organism, Chameleons, lizard, gecko, lizard, Reptile, Fox, Beagle, organism, mammal, Dogs, Mammals, rodent, wolf, Squirrels, mammal, rodents, panda, oak, tree, beech, oaks, Pear, apple, Orange, lemon, Elm, Trees, deciduous, Vegetation, birch, Birch, tiger, trees, cats, leopard, panther, Oak, Cheetah, vertebrate, reptile, organism, crocodile, Chameleon, alligator, Frog, turtle, organism, Vertebrates, lizard, Reptile, lizard, Gecko, owl, bird, vertebrate, bird, penguin, robin, eagle, hawk, thrush, hummingbird, birds, raven, crow, invertebrate, invertebrate, Beetle, Insect, worm, Organism, Insects, butterflies, rose, aphid, ladybird, Tulip, Lilac, vegetation, Acacia, cabbage, caterpillar, radish, moths, insect, wasp, invertebrates, ants, leeches, camels, deer, sheep, mammal, rabbit, organism, Hare, Vertebrate, mammal, Rabbit, hamster, Snake, scorpion, invertebrate, organism, Beetle, Ladybird, worm, insect, moth, termites, vertebrate, fox, mammal, wolf, Organisms, jackal, Bear, mammals, seal, Elephant, badger, mice, rats, albatross, mole, buffalo, mammals, rodent, Cow, Squirrel, woodlouse, Vertebrate, sheep, Mammals, Camel, bat, beetle, Condor, Tree, organisms, Vegetation, birch, willow, rabbit, rodents, vole, beaver, squirrel, Mouse, rat, Vertebrates, mice, badger, Sloth, shrew, giraffe, ostrich, rhinoceros, mammals, giraffe, vertebrates, bats, mammal, hippopotamus, sloth, moss, vegetation, organism, Perennial, Rose, Fox, Bear, monkey, spider, arachnid, vertebrate, scorpions, mite, Spiders, organism, arachnid, Birds, vertebrates, bird, parrot, nightingale, Tiger, Monkey, pig, wolf, newt, Salamander, frog, Whale

So what is the verdict? Is this a real game changer that will revolutionize cryptography throughout the world, or is it a trivial code easily broken? Well one cryptogram with no method revealed does not prove anything either way. (see Kerckhoffs's_principle). Please post your questions and comments here in the sci.crypt thread Post your solution in the thread or feel free to contact medirectly. Good Luck!

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