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The Excalibur Project: Enhanced Democracy

In the legend of King Arthur only the wise and just Arthur could remove the Sword Excalibur from the Stone and so be proclaimed King.

In today's world the concept of Royalty has fallen out of favour compared with Democracy and I make no comment on this as both systems have their plus and minus points. Then of course there are the secret societies which wield enormous influence for both good and ill. These societies will also incorporate the ideas below into their internal structures.

In this essay I want to propose an idea which links together the ancient legend of Excalibur with cutting edge mind/body technology to form a revolutionary synthesis. This synthesis will uplift Democracy and be of lasting benefit to Humankind.

There is technology around today which can scan a person's brain and analyze their emotional state etc. Such technology, like the Sword in the Stone could be used to prevent unbalanced people from taking positions of power.

From the view point of purely material science a person's character is entirely generated from the general and current physiological state of the brain. Those with a spiritual understanding can agree that the brain's state accurately reflects the inner spiritual condition.

Theoretically then, from both points of view, it is possible to ascertain a person's character through analysis of their brain. Excessive greed, brutality, hatred or cowardice for example could be detetected.

Anyone who put themselves up for the vote must pass the Excalibur Project test in order to be eligible.

During the initial phase the Excalibur screening process would be set to only bar the most unbalanced people. Over time this protective effect would filter down through society. The populace would regain trust and respect for the rulership and they would be justified in doing so as corrupt policies would be diminished. Better policies would themselves lead to the upliftment and harmony of a society.

As the effects were consolidated throughout society the Excalibur screening process would be periodically retuned so as to raise the standard for prospective rulers.

Of course the use of this system is not restricted to the world of politics and politics is not necessarily the entry point for it.

Schools and police forces along with corporate entities may all be rejuvenated by careful use of Excalibur Project protocols. Some such organizations may be more open to the idea than others.

This is only an introductory article and raises many points for discussion and further study. What do you think? Contributions welcome.

You are here: Home location Healing Society location The Excalibur Project: Enhanced Democracy

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