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False Needs, False Wants

Does our exposure to so much advertising create false needs within us? Are you spending time, money and effort chasing after things that you dont really need? False needs can only form within you if you are not really conscious of the process. They form in the shadows, the semiconscious areas of your mind. Shine the light of your awareness deeply into the source of each of your wants and needs. Discern the true from the false, the healthy from the unhealthy. Simply by recognizing a need as unnecessary you will let go of it automatically. The actual recognition of the illusiory nature of a "want" will allow you to withdraw your energy from it and it can wither up and disappear. Then you will have more time, energy and resources to pursue beneficial wholesome goals.

Contemplate this question: Whom does your vanity serve? Contemplate this question very deeply. Look up the definitions of the words that make up the question. Use a thesaurus to study related words and their meanings. What is vanity? Apart from obvious easy to see vanity how many subtle and extremely subtle levels of vanity are there? How are these questions related to false wants and false needs?

Although it is common in this age to process a great deal of information in a shallow way: contemplate now very deeply and intensely the question "Whom does my vanity serve?" Look deeply at the question and take note of the insights that arise. Allow your new clarity to be beneficial to you. If you catch yourself chasing after an object, if you notice yourself paying for an object that you dont really want or need then stop. Ask yourself if you really want/need the object. Is the object good for you?

If you resist any psychological pain that arises by not buying something then you will be reclaiming your own strength and security from the outside where you had pushed it away. Every time you refrain from indulging a false need despite the temporary pain then you will be weakening your false dependency and nourishing yourself. Have courage and an enthusiastic attitude about this and you will succeed.

Simplifying your life, freeing yourself from false needs and gaining true independence is deeply fulfilling and enjoyable. Remember to refrain despite the pain at the time of temptation. Importantly, at appropriate times, quietly contemplate the inner causes of any false needs that are driving you. The power of your awareness will cleanse you.

You are here: Home location Financial Freedom location False Needs, False Wants

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