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The Kali Yuga

After the Kali Yuga-A Spiritual Dawn
During the cycle of day and night the outer light fluctuates from our point of view. During the cycle of the seasons the power of the Sun fluctuates from our point of view. There is said to be a larger cosmic cycle- a cycle of ages (yugas) in which the outer spiritual light fluctuates from our point of view. The Kali Yuga is the part of the cycle where the outer spiritual light is at its lowest. Apparently we are in the Kali Yuga now but perhaps we are at the end of it, some say the Spiritual Dawn is apon us.

What ever phase of the vast cosmic cycle you find yourself, whatever the level of the outer spiritual light, never forget that the Inner Sun-your inner spiritual light is always available to you.

"in the Krita age, everything was free from deceit and guile and avarice and covetousness; and morality like a bull was among men, with all the four legs complete. In the Treta age sin took away one of these legs and morality had three legs. In the Dwapara, sin and morality are mixed half and half, and accordingly morality is said to have two legs only. In the dark age (of Kali), O thou best of the Bharata race, morality mixed with three parts of sin liveth by the side of men. Accordingly morality then is said to wait on men, with only a fourth part of itself remaining. Know, O Yudhishthira that the period of life, the energy, intellect and the physical strength of men decrease in every Yuga!"
From The Mahabharata Vana Parva, Section CLXXXIX Translated by Sri Kisari Mohan Ganguli

I have heard that 4 virtues are withdrawn one by one as the ages decend. However I am not sure on the actual virtues and their sequence. Can you help?

Could the sequence in which the 4 aspects of Virtue are withdrawn be a key to the most efficient sequence in which to work on the virtues within ourselves?

You are here: Home location Healing Society location The Kali Yuga

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