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Kiran Kanakia

Kiranji. "who does not claim anything, who has no label, who is an empty mirror..". Born in 1941. He was foretold at a very young age by a palm-reader that he was destined to be a spiritual master. Pandurangshastri Athavale was his first spiritual master, then Osho and UG Krishnamurti.


"The knowing is freedom, but the knowledge is a burden on you. Whatever becomes your own knowing, your own understanding, and your own clarity makes you free from all the searches. If you misunderstand that gathering the knowledge from the books is enough to feel that you know it, then this is not going to fulfill you. This is just knowledge and knowledge always becomes a burden, becomes bondage. It is not liberation; it is not freedom at all. And this thirst inside, this longing for freedom inside will not allow you to rest until you are fulfilled, until you are really free"

"When your dream becomes almost a nightmare, then you change the dream, you change the master and you just go on shopping around. There are enough people who are just selling these dreams. And you dont understand that this is your weakness. The weakness of your mind is the search for happiness or for something that you think you are missing there, with all these misunderstandings that you are carrying in you. This is your weakness and because of your misunderstandings, if somebody is offering something somewhere, you just run after that. You run after that as if it is possible for you to get it from that person. And that person is a very cunning businessman; he knows what the weakness of your mind is and how to make business out of it. He is not a real master and he has no compassion. He is not actually really concerned with your state there, with your frustration or with your misery. He is not concerned with it. He is just concerned with solving his own problem of misery and suffering because he has no money. He wants to make money, thats all. And he can exploit you. This is how it is happening in the holy business market. There are lots of shops and, if you are lazy you can just go on shopping around, going from this master to that master, from this technique to that technique, just wandering around."

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You are here: Index location Nonduality & Spirituality location Guides, Gurus and God-Beings location Kiran Kanakia

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