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The Lam Entity

The inscription accompanying the portrait, which is entitled "The Way":
"LAM is the Tibetan word for Way or Path, and LAMA is He who Goeth, the specific title of the Gods of Eygpt, the Treader of the Path, in Buddhistic phraseology. Its numerical value is 71, the number of this book."

The Amalantrah Working

In the year 1918 AD January through March Aliester Crowley, the famous occultist, began a series of magickal rituals called the Amalantrah Workings in furnished rooms in Central Park West, New York City. These were a performed with the intent to contact certain "intelligences" to physical manifestation.

The workings generally manifested as a series of visions and communications received through the mediumship of his female partner, Roddie Minor.

To quote from Grant's Typhonian O.T.O. website: "The Cult [of Lam] has been founded because very strong intimations have been received by Aossic Aiwass, 718'.' to the effect that the portrait of Lam (the original drawing of which was given by 666'.' to 718'.' under curious circumstances) is the present focus of an extra-terrestrial - and perhaps trans-plutonic - Energy which the O.T.O. is required to communicate at this critical period, for we have now entered the Eighties mentioned in The Book of the Law. It is Our aim to obtain some insight not only into the nature of Lam, but also into the possibilities of using the Egg as an astral space-capsule for travelling to Lam's domain, or for exploring extra-terrestrial spaces in the sense in which O.T.O. Tantric Time-Travelers are exploring the Tunnels of Set in intra-cosmic and chthonian capsules. Members of the O.T.O. who feel strongly attracted to this Cult of Lam are invited to apply for participation therein. It is open only to Order members. They should contact Frater Ani Asig, 375'.' of the Sovereign Sanctuary, O.T.O. and submit a formal, typewritten and signed acceptance of the conditions of Working outlined here. It should be understood that proficiency in the magical formulae of this Cult does not necessarily comport eligibility for advancement in the O.T.O., its parent Order." Concurrently, a manuscript called "The Lam Statement" was circulated among O.T.O. initiates with a view to "regularizing the mode of rapport and constructing a magical formula for establishing communication with Lam."

Who is Lam?

A figment of the Magickian's Imagination?

A Grey Alien/Hybrid?

A Demon?

A Transdimensional Being?

A "Projection" by an unknown Powerful Occultist?

An Archetypal Force from the "Global Mind"?


You are here: Home location Mysteries of the World location Lam
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