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Leo Hartong



"Awakening to the dream is like lucid dreaming. You wake up in a dream and realize that you're dreaming and then carry on with your dream. Even when you see that life is like a dream it nevertheless carries on. At that point you have awoken to the dream; that's what I mean. You could say: 'It is clear that it is but a dream, so if I know that, I am awake', but the film continues anyway. It does not all come to a stop. There isn't a flash of white light wherein everything disappears."

"The guru doesn't have to be a person. Sometimes the guru can manifest as a person, but might as well appear as an apple falling on your head, a dog passing by, an illness or an unexpected stroke of good luck."

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You are here: Home location Spiritual Development location Guides, Gurus and God-Beings location Leo Hartong
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