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Born in 1890 AD. Denmark.
"Following the direction given in the borrowed book, I tried one evening to meditate on the concept of God. And suddenly, without knowing exactly how, I found myself in a conditon that made me feel in the presence of something immensely sublime. A small luminous point appeared in the distance. For a moment it disappeared. But a second later it became visible again, this time much nearer. I could now see that the light emanated from a Christ-like being, whose every detail was made of dazzling white light spangled with blue. The light was so intense and vivid that it reminded me of those sparklers we used to put on Christmas trees. The sparks in my revelation, however, were much, much smaller, but also much more numerous.

There was again a pause, during which I found myself in darkness. But then the figure again illuminated the plateau. I looked directly into a figure made of fire. A Christ-being of dazzling brightness now moved straight towards me, raising its arms as if about to embrace me. I was totally paralysed. Unable to make the slightest move, I gazed straight at the radiant being's waist, now just in front of me and on a level with my eyes. But the figure kept moving forwards; and in the next moment it entered my own flesh and blood. A sublime feeling thrilled me. The paralysis left me. The divine light that had thus taken up residence within me enabled me to take a sweeping look at the world.

And I beheld continents and oceans, cities and countries, mountains and valleys - all bathed in the light now emanating from my own mind. In this white light the earth was transfigured into "the kingdom of God"..."


"True human culture is not a social order where the clever and strong steal the vital necessities from the less clever and the less strong, and live according to the principle 'Every man for himself'."

"As long as there is a flower, memories of a higher world cannot be extinguished."

"However terrestrial Man's science does not remain at a standstill but is under constant development and will at some time come to include not only the spiritual world's outermost periphery but also its very centre; in other words, all the other planes of existence."

"So, not by discussion but only by development can he grow from a lower to a higher form of consciousness. To dictate to an individual a mode of life or a certain religious concept for which he is not ready would be just as impossible as to dictate to a tiger that it should live on vegetables."

"Meditation on the Lord's Prayer constitutes the very highest meditation in existence, for it strengthens and supports the road towards light without in any way whatsoever being a trap or a danger for those who practise it."

"Cosmic glimpses come entirely by themselves and not by any kind of artificial training."

"Nature doesn't do anything by leaps, but raises every occurrence from one step to the other by its small, subtle steps of development. In the same way must also the animal's transformation into human take place. Through this process of development the transformation doesn't take place more violently than that the latent cosmic organs or brain areas to same extent are transformed and adapted to the vibrations, which the highest energies appear in."

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You are here: Home location Spiritual Development location Guides, Gurus and God-Beings location Martinus

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